7 K-Pop Idols Who Rock The Split-Dyed Hair Trend

7 K-Pop Idols Who Rock The Split-Dyed Hair Trend

Split-dyed hair has been a trend for a little while now, and the wave shows no signs of slowing down!

Split-dyed hair involves two or more colors dyed in a distinct unblended line, and it can be a really cool, edgy way of spicing up a regular dye job. There are lots of variations on this trend though, so take a look at some of these awesome examples from your favorite idols! You might just be inspired to try it out yourself.

1. ATEEZ’s Hongjoong

One of the most recent examples of the split-dyed hair trend, ATEEZ’s leader Hongjoong debuted the look for the group’s most recent comeback “Guerrilla.” His hair is dyed right down the middle, half black and half platinum-blonde. It’s a super distinctive style that makes him stand out, and fans went crazy for it!

2. ITZY’s Ryujin

Ryujin hopped on the split-dyed hair trend for their comeback with “LOCO” in 2021, and her hair is a very interesting example of the style. Rather than choosing one specific section of hair, she instead bleached the top layer – including her bangs. The resulting style is similar to highlights, but with a cool-girl twist!

3. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon

Gaon has a super interesting double-split style going on for the group’s most recent comeback with “Test Me” – his hair is predominantly split down the middle with half aqua and half bubblegum-pink. However, if you look closely, you’ll also notice two small streaks of the opposite color near the front of his head!

4. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Jennie briefly sported split-dyed hair for the group’s promotions with “How You Like That” in 2020, with a stark contrasting section of pink at the front of her hair. The style perfectly highlights her face without the need for a change in cut, and it’s a unique take on the split-dye trend that not a lot of idols have tried.

5. THE BOYZ’s New

THE BOYZ’s New also had a cool, fresh take on split-dyed hair with his blue and blonde look from the group’s 2020 comeback “The Stealer.” His dye job was all on the top layer of hair, with the color focused near the front of his head. The coloring was super versatile, and it looked totally different depending on how it was styled!

6. fromis_9’s Lee Nagyung

In perhaps one of the most iconic examples of split-dyed hair in K-pop, fromis_9’s Lee Nagyung was a total trendsetter back in 2018. For the group’s comeback “Love Bomb,” she dyed her hair in a Harley Quinn-esque split of light pink and dusty blue. The resulting look was equal parts edgy and adorable!

7. BTS’s V

BTS member V debuted his split-dyed hair in 2018 in the group’s music video “IDOL” – and ARMYs all over the world loved it! His combo of pink and peach is a more subtle take on the style, but it’s a distinctive look nonetheless. He also may have been the inspiration for fellow BTS member Jungkook, who has also given this style a try!

Source: Soompi