Lee Se Young Says Bae In Hyuk Has “Lots Of Love To Give” On Set Of “The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract”

Lee Se Young Says Bae In Hyuk Has “Lots Of Love To Give” On Set Of “The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract”

In a recent pictorial for Elle Korea magazine, Bae In Hyuk and Lee Se Young dished on working together for their upcoming drama “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract”!

Based on the web novel of the same name, “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” is a new time-slip romance drama about the contractual marriage between bachelor Kang Tae Ha (played by Bae In Hyuk) and Park Yeon Woo (Lee Se Young), who travels to modern day from 19th century Joseon.

Lee Se Young will star as the strong-willed Park Yeon Woo, who lives a privileged life in the Joseon era as the only daughter of the Minister of the Interior—that is, until she inadvertently crash-lands in present-day Seoul. Bae In Hyuk will play Kang Tae Ha, an ice-cold chaebol heir who refuses to open up to anyone.

When asked why she chose to star in the drama, Lee Se Young replied, “I didn’t think I could possibly fathom everything Yeon Woo was feeling. She boldly musters up courage in a world that she has never experienced before. I was drawn to the depth and breadth of her emotion. Also, as soon as I received the script, I was so curious to find out what happened next that I couldn’t wait [for the next one].”

Meanwhile, Bae In Hyuk shared, “I thought it would be fun to act out the broad range of Tae Ha’s varied and changing emotions.”

Bae In Hyuk went on to express affection for his character Tae Ha and his growth arc, noting, “Not only has he never been in love, but he’s never even opened his heart to anyone before. The way his resolve wavers and he winds up opening his heart as [Yeon Woo] gradually approaches him, the way he is changed completely, is a really admirable thing.”

The two actors also spoke highly of their experience working with one another for the drama.

“Bae In Hyuk is always in great condition,” said Lee Se Young. “He’s overflowing with energy on the filming set, and mentally, he also gives you a strong sense of security. He has a caring personality, and he has lots of love to give.”

Meanwhile, Bae In Hyuk revealed, “I’d really wanted to work together with Lee Se Young. Because she’s been acting ever since she was young, she’s someone from whom I have a lot to learn. At times, she feels like my senior in acting, and at others, she feels like a friend of a similar age.”

“The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” premieres on November 24 at 9:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.