K-pop Idols Had The Best Glow Up

K-pop Idols Had The Best Glow Up

The glow up of these K-pop idols are indeed amazing! K-pop idols are often praised for their stunning visuals, but did you know that just like ordinary people, some idols also experienced the phase of "glow up"? You will be shocked how they transformed into visual gods and goddesses!


Lisa is one of the most praised idols for having exceptional beauty in K-pop. However, once you see her pre-debut photos, you can see the big changes she had while growing up. She's already a visual since young, but the caterpillar who was indeed being criticized grew into a lovely butterfly.

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2. NCT Haechan

From a squishy little baby during his pre-debut days, Haechan's glow up is fantastic! He looks so small before debuting, but he's now the giant baby of NCT because of his tall height!

3. MAMAMOO Solar

Solar's face is indeed a queen-material, not to mention her wannabe body! However, when she's younger, she's just a simple girl who looks so cute on her glasses!

4. NCT/WayV/SuperM Ten

Dark pre-debut photos? Well, you are probably talking about Ten. Among K-pop idols, ten's pre-debut pictures immediately became a meme and went viral because of how happy-go-lucky he is when he's younger! Who's the guy again who literally took a photo while her mother is scolding his sister? Yep, it's Ten.

But, be careful who you laugh at, for his current self will wreck you!


Whether he's chubby or not, T.O.P's visual is obvious. He's completely fine and stunning enough with his former body weight, but his glow up when he loses weight is truly heart-dropping and inspirational!


RM's visual is already dashing since his pre-debut days, but with a cool hairstyle and fashionable clothes, RM is literally an eye-capturing idol!

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7. GFriend Umji

Umji experienced body-shaming before from K-netizens, but seriously she looks too good before as well! However, people finally kept their mouth zip, when Umji returned with ideal body weight, and her visuals stood out the most!


JooE is loved by several netizens and fans for her lovely personality, but there are still haters who bashed her for her looks. But recently, JooE absolutely turned the table when she uploaded her photos featuring her beauty and eventually lashes out at antis who are coming to her for her looks.

9. AB61X Woojin

From being the "Nation's dark past" for his hilarious pre-debut pictures, Woojin indeed turned into a hot, handsome, young man with a cool visual! Not to mention that snaggletooth that is making him more of a visual!

10. Apink Eunji

Eunji looks so cute with those bangs! Well, the idol is a visual indeed ever since, but it is really surprising how she becomes prettier and prettier as the time passes!

The K-pop idols listed above literally have the best glow ups! With just weight loss, changes in their makeups, hairstyles, and clothes, they grew up slowly into beautiful, dashing idols who are now the inspiration of several fans and netizens.