6 K-Pop Idol Duos Claimed As The Cutest Tom and Jerry Line in Their Groups

6 K-Pop Idol Duos Claimed As The Cutest Tom and Jerry Line in Their Groups

They love each other, but they also love teasing each other, which is what makes them the cutest together.

What do Tom and Jerry do when they're together? Tom will do whatever it takes to catch Jerry when the little mouse doesn't hesitate to use tricks not to get caught. So basically, every day is their day to tease and run after each other. There're also Tom and Jerry lines in K-Pop groups when it has these two members keep fighting over the other, but in the end, they still love and understand each other the best.

Can you guess who are they?

SHINee - Key & Minho

The ultimate Tom and Jerry duo out of others because seems like they're not born for each other. Nothing serious, just them getting annoyed by the other real quick even though Minho doesn't do anything to Key and also does Key. Key is a funny guy but sometimes really sassy and savage as well, and he's the one who loves teasing Minho more. They always look like two young boys fighting over each other.

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BLACKPINK - Rosé & Lisa

They're both in 97line so they share almost the same mindset in a lot of things, but also have opposite thoughts in a lot of other issues. Rosé and Lisa are truly the definitions of best friends when they understand the other so well but can easily argue over ridiculous things. Remember when attending Running Man, they played a game where Ro sé was asked why she fights with Lisa so much? Rosé immediately replied: "Because she ignores me, pretends to be cool and say mean things." It's not that they hate each other, they're just being themselves.

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SUPERM - Kai and Lucas

Kai and Lucas together create a perfect brother duo with Lucas being shy and reserved at first, but then quickly turned into two energetic brothers and play with each other every time.

EXO - D.O and Chanyeol

D.O is savage and Chanyeol loves to tease him, what could make up a better Tom and Jerry line more? They look even more adorable because of the different heights.

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BTS - Jin and Jungkook

You thought the big brother will love the maknae in the group most? Maybe, but Jin also loves teasing and playing with Jungkook most. But with a naughty brother like Jin, Kookie of course is not an "angel-like" baby to get teased so easily. Then in the end, Jin often becomes the victim, just like Tom and Jerry.

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NCT - Taeyong and Doyoung

They're always seen fighting with each other no matter where they are, during an interview or a photo shoot. Doyoung said that because Taeyong was set sitting next to him so he had to put a pillow between them. But then Yongie went on exposing Doyoung and revealed that he also put another pillow because one was not enough. When Yuta asked them (jokingly) whether their relationship is not good, Doyoung didn't hesitate to admit that it's not good.

Don't worry, they're like Tom and Jerry because all of them love teasing each other because they have different ways to express their love towards each other.