4 Korean Beauties That Most Fans Want To See As K-Pop Idols Again: Suzy, Yoona And More

4 Korean Beauties That Most Fans Want To See As K-Pop Idols Again: Suzy, Yoona And More

These 4 faces are currently focusing on their acting careers, but Knet still looks forward to seeing them on the stage as K-Pop idols.

Not all K-Pop idols can pursue the job to the end. For various reasons, many of them moved to other fields, mostly acting. Recently, an article on a Korean online forum emerged as a hot topic. The article listed 4 famous K-Pop idols that have already become actresses, and halted their singing career.

Although being an actress is a good choice for them, Knet still thinks that these 4 female stars shine the most when they promote as K-Pop idols. They not only have outstanding visuals, good singing and dancing ability, but also have the power to steal the spotlight on stage. Let's take a look at the 4 faces who Knet is desperately wanting to see as K-Pop idols again.





KRYSTAL ((fx))




It can be seen that the common point of these 4 beauties is that they are both from SM Entertainment or JYP Entertainment. In addition, they also hold the center position in the group. As their groups are either disbanded or on hiatus, Sohee, Yoona, Krystal and Suzy are now focusing on acting.

But Knet wants them back. The above article has attracted nearly 700 comments, proving the attraction of these 4 names as K-Pop idols. Many people expressed their feelings that if they could once again see the 4 on stage, even for a short while, it would be satisfying enough.

Some comments from Knet:

- Krystal... I really can't find a female idol like her right now.

- Yes, I still can't give up their K-Pop idol status.

- It must be said that when they were idols, it was K-Pop's golden era.

- Sohee has a really amazing stage charisma.

- All 4 of them will still do really well as K-Pop idols!

- Please come back!!!

- All 4 of them are really capable of taking over the spotlight on stage.

- Ah Yoona ~ I still want to see her return with SNSD again.

- It would be great if they release solo albums.

- Please come back as K-Pop idols.

- I didn't have the chance to see many of Sohee's performances in the past. It would be great for her to be back as a K-Pop idol now. Her aura is really hard to find nowadays.

- Although there will be many beautiful female K-Pop idols in the future, no one will surpass the 4 of them. They are legends!

- I think it will not be easy. All 4 of them prefer being actresses to being K-Pop idols.