10 Kpop Idols Who Want To Date Noona

10 Kpop Idols Who Want To Date Noona

It’s been 12 years since SHINee sang “noona, you’re so pretty” in their debut song “Replay”, but it’s still something n...

It’s been 12 years since SHINee sang “noona, you’re so pretty” in their debut song “Replay”, but it’s still something numerous male idols can relate to today. If you’re a female K-Pop fan who’s on the older side, you’ll love these 10 stars who all said they’d like to date a noona (older woman).

1. Kang Daniel


While promoting with Wanna One on Happy Together 3, Kang Daniel revealed that his ideal type is someone he can learn from. Because of that, he prefers older girls to younger girls. Of course, Daniel revealed he’d also keep his noona girlfriend feeling young by calling her ggomaengi, which means “little kid”.

2. Mingyu (SEVENTEEN)


SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu once told fans that his ideal type is a tall woman with an easy-going personality and kind heart. On top of that, he said that if he gets the chance, he’d like to date someone older.

3. Minhyun (NU’EST)


NU’EST’s Minhyun has made a lot of statements about his ideal type in the past. Some of the things he looks for in a partner are good cooking skills, and interest in fashion, great communication, and short hair. On top of that, his preference is to date someone older than him.



First and foremost, SEVENTEEN DK’s ideal girlfriend is someone with long, dark hair, long and slender legs to match, and plenty of aegyo. When asked whether he’d rather date someone older or younger, DK replied that he wants a noona who can take care of him.

5. Ong Seong Wu


Former Wanna One member Ong Seong Wu only has one requirement in a girlfriend: someone older. So, noonas of all types have a chance with this handsome soloist.

6. Song (iKON)


iKON’s Song also wants to date an older woman. He said he likes women with a ladylike mannerism and way of speaking. Ideally, he’d like someone low-maintenance who can manage herself well too.

7. Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)


SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan once joked that his ideal type is a Carat who buys all their albums. And, like DK, he’d prefer that Carat is an older person because he needs someone to look after him.

8. Youngmin (MXM)


MXM’s Youngmin has a lot he looks for in a woman. He says he likes older girls best because he can learn a lot from them. Alongside that, he likes tall, slightly chubby girls with long, straight hair who prefer sneakers to high heels.

9. Kim Yohan


In an interview with 'ELLE Korea', former X1 member Kim Yohan was asked whether he prefers older or younger girls. Yohan answered older, but don’t expect him to call you noona—he says that’s not his style.

10. Lai Kuanlin


Former Wanna One member Lai Kuanlin likes cute, petite people with long straight hair. And, if you’re older than him, it’s a definite bonus.