Unlucky beauties to fight against crocodiles on movies

Unlucky beauties to fight against crocodiles on movies

From the classic TV series "Return to Eden" to the latest movie "Black Water: Abyss," crocodiles has always been the mo...

From the classic TV series "Return to Eden" to the latest movie "Black Water: Abyss," crocodiles has always been the most ferocious god on screen causing worse nightmare.

Rebecca Gilling in the TV series "Return to Eden" (1989)


Based on the novel of the same name by writer Rosalind Miles, "Returning to Eden" is Australia's classic television series and one of the most haunting works of all generations about the image of crocodile hunting.

The film tells the story of the wealthy lady Stephanie Harper inherited a huge fortune from her father and wild "paradise" Eden. But it was on her honeymoon with her dazzling tennis star, Stephanie, that she was pushed into a swamp and bitten by a crocodile. Luckily surviving and returning with a broken heart, Stephanie determined to avenge those who pushed her into the crocodile jaws.

"Return to Eden" is a familiar film for generations, containing many shocking moments with the appearance of fierce crocodiles. Veteran actress Rebecca Gilling is remembered by many as one of the most famous beauties who has become a bait for crocodiles.

Diana Glenn and Maeve Dermody in "Black Water" (2007)


In 2007, director Andrew Traucki made a mark with the independent horror film "Black Water". The film revolves around Lee (Dermody) and her sister Grace (Glenn), with Grace's husband on a road trip around Australia to explore wildlife. During a short fishing trip, their ship was hit by something underwater. When their instructor disappears, the three of them have to fight a giant starving crocodile … Upon its debut, "Black Water" was rated as one of the scariest films about the creature.

Brooke Langton in the movie "Primeval" (2007)


The beautiful Brooke Langton plays the courageous female reporter Aviva Masters - who struggles in the survival war with male colleagues when crocodile hunted. The film is based on a true story that once happened in Burundi. A monster struggling in the swamp for many years, eating more than 300 people and the number of its victims increased daily. Not many people cared until the huge Gustave crocodile devoured a white woman. A delegation of American reporters was sent to find out the truth of the matter.

Mia Wasikowska and Radha Mitchell in "Rogue" (2007)


Before being famous for the blockbuster "Alice in Wonderland" directed by Tim Burton, the beauty Mia Wasikowska was also a beauty chased by a crocodile in the movie "Rogue", starring in horror film Radha Mitchell .

"Rogue" is set in Australia, famous for its beautiful scenery and vast wild nature. But there are two of the scariest creatures living there: saltwater crocodiles and Australian jellyfish. The main character of the film is Kate (Radha Mitchell) - a tour guide - on a trip to explore with Pete (Michael Vartan). They and a group of adventurers have to deal with fierce saltwater crocodiles and bloodlusting in deserted swamps.

Kaya Scodelario in "Crawl" (2019)


Combining horror genres and natural disasters, "Crawl" is a film about a crocodile attacking people in the middle of a storm. Set in a super typhoon that engulfs many homes in Florida (USA), the movie Crawl depicts the dire situation of father and son Haley and Dave and his dog Sugar. While facing a natural disaster, the three must simultaneously fight the giant crocodiles in the nearby swamp just to be "stormed" by the storm. While the whole city evacuated most to avoid storms, they are trapped in their old house and become prey for dangerous animals.

Once known through the series "The Maze Runner", Kaya Scodelario has a strong role, requiring high physical strength in the face of fierce crocodiles in the middle of the storm. In an action scene, she even broke her finger.

Jessica McNamee and Amali Golden in "Black Water: Abyss" (2020)


Two beauties from Australia are the latest names to join the group of beauties chased by crocodiles, in the movie "Black Water: Abyss". This is the next episode of the cult "Black Water" that made many fans scared in 2007.

Set in northern Australia with wild nature, the film revolves around a group of 5 people exploring the pristine cave is not known. A storm struck them unable to return and at this point, a ferocious predator appeared and began a bloody hunt in the dark waters.

"Black Water: Abyss" brings together beautiful young actors from England and Australia. Jessica McNamee - the film's female lead - once starred with actor Jason Statham in the giant shark thriller called "The Meg" used to be a hit in 2018. The remaining beauty of the film - Amali Golden - once appeared in the Marvel blockbuster is "Thor: Ragnarok". Earlier this year, she also acted in the horror film "The Invisible Man".

The film was molded under the hands of the crew that created the success of "47 Meter Down" - a horror work famous for the theme of cannibal sharks.