Tom Cruise Got Angry At Mission Impossible Set

Tom Cruise Got Angry At Mission Impossible Set
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Actor Tom Cruise loudly scolded the staff when filming Mission Impossible for not complying with the regulations.

Actor Tom Cruise expressed his frustration and frustration to the Mission: Impossible 7 crew member because someone did not comply with the law of social segregation, affecting the health of him and others. the translation of COVID-19 is still complicated.

In a few recordings from the set, it can be seen that the actor was extremely angry, using many harsh words to curse the crew members to break the social distance law. Page The Sun reported that when Tom Cruise saw two people in the group standing side by side to look at a screen, he said: "I see you do it again and I will kick you out."


On another recording, Tom Cruise can be seen saying aloud to everyone: "We are the gold standard. People in Hollywood are returning to making movies because they see us making it. They believe in us. And what we're doing. I have to sit on the phone every night with the studios, the insurance companies, the producers and they are watching us very closely. We are creating jobs for a lot of people. Man, you 'bastards'. I don't want to see this happen again. Never! "

"Many people have lost their jobs because the industry is suspended. They will have nothing to eat or pay for their studies. That's what keeps me thinking every night - it's the future of the industry. Hey! ", Tom Cruise scolded. "Sorry, but I was too depressed for your apologies. I've said it many times, and if you don't do it, then stop. We won't postpone filming this movie! Understood! Not yet? If I saw it again, kicked it out! [...] Well then, I have trusted everyone here. "

Although very wordy and using obscene words, it can be seen that actor Tom Cruise also has a good reason for his anger. In Hollywood, many films have to be halted because the actor or crew member is COVID-19 positive, costing the studio as well as causing many people to lose their jobs.

Tom Cruise is the main actor and producer of Mission: Impossible 7, scheduled to hit theaters on November 19, 2021.