The Monsters Milla Jovovich Faces In Monster Hunter

The Monsters Milla Jovovich Faces In Monster Hunter
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After the cult series Resident Evil, the couple of directors Paul WS Anderson and Milla Jovovich embarked on Hollywood blockbusters adapted from the game Monster Hunter, promising to give the audience epic battles in a world. The world is full of giant monsters.

Diablos - Desert tyrant


Dragon Diablos is one of the most famous monsters of the game "Monster Hunter". Diablos is a Flying Wyverns, but cannot fly. Instead, it was dubbed a tyrant under the sand for its ability to move under the desert surface. Despite his large body, Diablos is very fast and unleashes surprise attacks from the sand with large horns or a spiked tail. Monsters possess the special ability of loud roars, which can stun an opponent for a short time, enough for it to finish them off.

Diablos is also highly resistant to fire and electricity, making attacks that use these elements ineffective. It is especially difficult to defeat due to its ability to hide under the sand. Skilled hunters need to know the tips or prepare special weapons if they want to confront it. In the movie, Natalie Artemis encounters a Black Diablos, a branch of this species. It was female, larger and more aggressive than the commoner.

Greater Rathalos - King of the sky

Dragon Rathalos is one of the iconic monsters of the "Monster Hunter" game series. In the movie, director Paul W. S. Anderson brings in this giant dragon species, commonly known as the Greater Rathalos. Lurking in ancient forests, Greater Rathalos rarely appears. The "lucky" hunters who met it also had little chance of telling them afterward. The Greater Rathalos is very aggressive at detecting an intruder in the territory. With its giant body, it easily defeats an army thanks to its poisonous claws, sharp teeth, and the ability to spray fireballs that are as destructive as cannonballs. Besides, Rathalos is also a dragon very good at flying. They often force their prey from the air, before plunging down to deliver a destructive blow.

Rathalos is almost immune to physical attacks thanks to his armor-like thick skin. Fire attacks are also completely ineffective against them. The Greater Rathalos had lived for many years, making it more experienced in battle and wiser than ordinary dragons.

Gore Magala - Terminator

Gore Magala is one of the most powerful monsters in Monster World. According to the plot, it is enough to wipe out a civilization or the entire population of the world. Gore Magala takes the form of a dragon with wings, claws and thick scales. Besides physical strength like other giant dragons. When fighting, it often uses its wings as a shield to block enemy attacks.

Magala's specialty is the transmission of the Frenzy virus. In the game, the disease is like a curse that reduces the player's strength and recovery. However, when other monsters become infected, they become out of control and more aggressive than usual before being defeated by the disease.

Nerscylla - A predator in the dark


Nerscylla is a special spider species that first appears in the fourth part of the game. Hunters often call them "shadow spiders" because of their ability to hide and attack suddenly. Nerscylla often used venom to weaken prey, before being tied with spider silk. After being eaten, this spider prefers to leave the skin of its prey as a trophy.

Apceros - herd power

As an herbivore, Apceros is still very aggressive if it feels threatened. They are not too big as other monsters in the Monster World world. However, always living in herds makes Apceros completely able to destroy enemies by the majority.

In the movie, Artermis and her companions will encounter Apceros on an oasis in the desert. The two thought they had reached a peaceful place in the midst of a fierce battle with other ferocious monsters. However, this is also the time when they experience the anger and true strength of a pack of Apceros when they feel threatened.

Palicoes - a great companion

Palicoes are cat-like monsters. They live in the wild, but hunters can tame them to become assistants on the journey to escape. They can learn offensive and defensive skills and help owners track down what they are looking for. Palicoes can also communicate with wild monsters, persuade them to help in combat or share information.

Director Paul W. S. Anderson confirmed that you cannot make a movie about Monster Hunter without Palico. However, Artermis is someone who accidentally got lost in the monster world and it would be absurd to have this assistant. Instead, Palicoes will appear with supporting characters on Artemis' journey.