Meaningful Messages Embedded In The Movie 'The Witches'

Meaningful Messages Embedded In The Movie 'The Witches'
Source: Meaningful Messages Embedded In The Movie The Witches

Many profound and meaningful lessons were conveyed through 'The Witches'.

The Witches is a work inspired by the novel of the same name by writer Roald Dahl - which is dubbed the 'greatest children's storyteller of the 20th century'. Directed by Robert Zemeckis (Director of Back to the Future, Forrest Gump), with the outstanding cast including Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer and Stanley Tucci, The Witches promises to bring the 'banquet' of witches and many profound lessons.

Don't judge a book by its cover

The Witches teaches us not to judge others until we truly understand them. Behind the seductive looks of those beautiful, flashy people can sometimes be the hideous demons with evil spirits.

The mouse boy, who seemed to be weak and useless, dared to confront the hordes of high-handed witches. The story of "looking at the face but catching the picture" will make many people have a prejudiced view of their appearance, but forget that each person is a special individual.

Family is number 1!

One of the stars of the original story is the maternal grandmother, in the film played by Octavia Spencer, depicted with strong, steady lines, a wonderful family of mice. She is wise, slow, very good at telling stories. She brought a large purse to hold the mice's grandchildren. She always knows how to keep secrets. As a great witch hunter, she always knows how to overcome any situation.

Surely watching the movie, someone found themselves in the shadow of a child just hoping to swoop into her lap, warm and safe from the dangerous world out there. No matter how old we grow up, to grandma we are still young grandchildren who need to be comforted.

Loved ones are always the strongest fulcrum

One of the most impressive and meaningful lines of the film is when the grandmother knows she cannot turn her nephew back into a human: No matter who he is, what his appearance, as long as someone loves her, everything will be okay.

This isn't just a comforting phrase to appear in movies. Even in real life, the love of those we love most will heal the wounds of our hearts, accept who we are, what we look like and support us to overcome the hurdles ahead.

Misfortune only happens when you surrender to fate

Instead of hiding a child reader from the tragic things of life, Roald Dahl's stories are often not afraid to look directly at fate as the author's life. When he was only 3, his 7-year-old sister died of appendicitis. Just a few weeks later, his father again contracted pneumonia and died. Tragedy follows, Roald Dahl's first daughter died of complications from measles encephalitis before the introduction of a vaccine.

Perhaps because of those losses, Roald's story always hides a bit of unhappiness and pain under magical and magical colorful pages. The orphaned boy in The Witches story, after being transformed into a mouse by the Sorcerer Supreme and having no way to return to his original form, he accepts to live and grow old with his grandmother.

But in this version of the 2020 adaptation, even as a little mouse, the boy still lives a happy day with his grandmother and two mouse friends Bruno and Mary in the same situation, experiencing unexpected adventures. Take, even go everywhere, bringing your stories and lessons to children all over the world.