Anne Hathaway's Witch Design Accused Of Offending The Disabled

Anne Hathaway's Witch Design Accused Of Offending The Disabled
Source: Anne Hathaway's Witch Design Accused Of Offending The Disabled

The movie The Witches newly released by beautiful Anne Hathaway, has met with opposition from the disabled community due to her sensitive character design.

The movie The Witches, after its release, was judged to be humorous and interesting by the audience with Anne Hathaway's creepy appearance, but it was still not free of unnecessary mess. The children's work for Halloween has been reflected as "offensive for the disabled" by a number of organizations and netizens on Twitter - all due to the film's image of witches.

Specifically, The Witches has added some details compared to the original story by author Roald Dahl. In this new version, the witch has a bald head with scabies, her hands and feet lacking toes look quite deformed. It seems that this is a humorous, interesting detail to distinguish the "monsters" of the movie's villains, but some people do not see that.

According to them, the film's choice to shape the evil character is an insult to people with disabilities who may lack fingers and toes like the witches in the movie. This will worsen the image of disabled and disabled people in the eyes of the audience, more likely to equate them with evil and evil people.

Paralympic Games' official Twitter account - Olympics for the disabled also posted the incident, expressing opinions against the film. This also makes the world audience pay attention.

In the face of negative reviews about the film, a spokesman for Warner Bros. has officially apologized for this incident. According to the statement, they are "very sorry to hear that the portrayal of fictional characters in the movie Witchcraft can make disabled people angry."

"When adapting the original story, we worked with artists and designers to create new versions of the cat-like claws depicted in the story. We never got the idea that The audience may think these fictional characters are like them. The film's message is about the power of kindness and friendship We hope that families and children can enjoy the film and understand. the warm message the movie wants to convey, ”the statement said.

However, the audience did not completely agree with this allegation. Some comments that this is just a picture of a movie character, brought to serve the plot and context, not intended to mock anyone. In addition, before The Witches, there are many movies with different characters, even called "monsters" but no one has any opinion.