Euphoria: Closer Look At Gen Z

Euphoria: Closer Look At Gen Z
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Filled with hot scenes and psychological themes, Euphoria is the brightest name about teen movies at the moment.

Euphoria: a state of satisfaction or excitement from being overly happy, healthy.

Unfortunately, those peaceful, happy feelings are the only thing absent in a movie called Euphoria filled with love, sex, disorder, stimulants ... about Gen Z produced by HBO. The 18+ work about 17-year-olds not only shocks the world because of the naked and fierce but also brings great success for both the producer and the quality cast. Zendaya - who used to be "good girl" Disney also played Spider-Man's girlfriend - starred in Euphoria, and became the youngest actress to win Emmy Awards thanks to this movie.

This movie can be considered as a "heavy" version of Sex Education when it touches the topics that are considered "taboo", difficult to do in movies. And yes, the viewing experience of Euphoria is not easy, even the producer always has to attach a warning message to the viewer before each episode. But that is what makes Euphoria one of the most watched works about Gen Z of this era.

Shocking content about the dark world of school, diving deeply into the "sinking part of the ice"


Euphoria tells about the life of protagonist Rue (Zendaya) and his friends at high school. Only 17 years old, but Rue is a heavy drug addict, and even though she is aware of this, the cravings for drugs and the calls of drugs still make her head into a high. and leave painful consequences for both yourself and those around you. Rue's friends, everyone has their own problems that are hard to say, and they hide it behind their perfect cover of elite students.

There is a guy who is obsessed with the deviation of his father and struggles with his sexual orientation, has a friend because he is too blind to love but is tricked into spreading hot pictures, others are obsessed just because story "still not losing virginity", then comments on appearance ... Euphoria's world is mysterious, suffocating and terrifying because of the turmoil in the psychology of young people who lack direction and interest. right mind. They are not bad people, but impulsive and selfish choices can sometimes have terrible consequences for not just yourself.
Euphoria's story can be encapsulated in the word "shock", because all developments in the film are gentle but decisively tore layers of the "perfect Gen Z" image that is praised by many people. Gen Z shows up in the movie smart, personality, flashy but also has many deep cuts, and they seek to heal those wounds with more sharp blades.

A strong message and a step toward humanistic youth


Even though it was so fierce and brutal, Euphoria was warm in moments of friendship, of the care and tolerance of the children who leaned against each other to rise from evil and pain. The humanity of the film radiates clearly despite countless hot scenes, "playing with toys" scenes heat the eyes of viewers.

The writer himself was also concerned by the too "real" and dense scenes of the movie sex, playing drugs, self-harm. Will these details inadvertently turn the film into a product that encourages, assists a young audience?

Luckily, Euphoria was not. No matter how flashy and detailed it is, the film knows how to include those segments as consequences, even horrifying and haunting many times over. Rue is a true drug addict, and she and her family have to pay the price of a drug shock "the most deadly," or then fall into the hands of the horrible seduction of drug gangs to lose money. and honor ... Every game of Euphoria comes at a cost, and the deterrence and teaching of the film is also what makes the work be considered one of the best teenage series right now .

If we had Sex Education that approached the subject of sex in a funny, lovely way, then Euphoria is like a darker version but not inferior - or even stronger - in orientation and education.



With her haunting acting, Zendaya is the best face Euphoria can own. The other characters of the movie are also handled by a cast of young but extremely talented actors, not only that they are "cut and slash" strongly in visual aspect. The talented way of filmmaking also makes Euphoria a shimmering school work, with eye-catching settings, costumes and sound.

Rotten Tomatoes himself had to comment: “Although there are times when it's really hard to see, Euphoria still balances her brutal honesty with her beautiful and touching filmmaking style, creating a series that is just challenging. to be unique, both mesmerizing. Zendaya's overpowered acting is also the thing that holds everything together. "