Dash & Lily - Emily In Paris's New Successor

Dash & Lily - Emily In Paris's New Successor
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The Dash & Lily movie will tell audiences what ... quality is.

At the right time when Emily in Paris's fever seemed to cool down , Netflix immediately launched a "rivalry" movie with a similar but critically acclaimed genre titled Dash & Lily. Launched to celebrate the Christmas holiday, Dash & Lily is filled with light, classic red-blue colors and a gentle reminder that the outside world is still very beautiful, happy and full of love. Although sometimes this "sweet candy" becomes quite ludicrous and unruly, Dash & Lily in general still light up thanks to the harmonious production, combining with a new but quality cast, the more you watch.

Cheesy but warm content

Lily (played by Midori Francis) is a shy, "old before age" girl who suddenly feels lonely on the Christmas she loves. She hurriedly grabbed a red notebook, left her little game with a quirky challenge and put it in a big bookstore in New York, hoping someone with the same interest would see and join her free game. me. Dash (Austin Abrams) is the lonely guy who accidentally found this notebook. Since then, they continuously left each other strange challenges with a few words and questions through the notebook. One lonely but positive person, one considers Christmas a redundant occasion, both convince each other about their point of view and accidentally "fall" from when.

Dash & Lily owns small surprises with an overwhelming festive atmosphere, so even though the plot is somewhat predictable, the movie-watching experience is still very pleasant and comfortable. Stories about diverse Asian cultures or LGBT people are also cleverly integrated, considered to be quite natural and interesting. The story of Dash & Lily has the shadow of a teen movie, also very humorous and charming, not redundant but not lacking. Through compact episodes, the work sends a quite positive energy to viewers, although it is sometimes quite cheesy.

One of the film's biggest similarities with Emily in Paris is that it paints a world too "fairy", too beautiful and ideal. New York City in the movie shows magnificence, warmth and bustle, making a charming background for the love story of two teenagers "opposite". The people around them are also very kind, from neighbors to shop staff (although in real life this profession is super busy during Tet holiday, who is free to go to guard the book without paying?). Although many people seem not to be fond of this kind of "road cover" story, from a different perspective, Dash & Lily is still an escape from the somber reality to fascinate the hearts of the audience. just like her older sister Emily did.

How to build lovable characters

Because the script is not too dexterous and terrible, most of the writer's energy will be focused on the process of building character, the emotions of the character, which only has the two main characters. Instead of being "killed" as a shy girl from the beginning to the end of the film, the character Lily actually has many motivating factors that the movie tells in a neat and tight way. Likewise, the reason Dash hates Christmas is also reasonably revealed, easily creating sympathy from viewers.

Even the supporting characters of the movie, even if they only glimpse at the frame, still leave a good impression on the audience. Sofia - Dash's ex-lover is not an evil witch with stabbing tricks like in Vietnamese or Thai movies, but simply a person in the past to return to bring Dash back to reality, don't be too dreamy. dream about Lily never met. It was she who advised Dash to immediately let go of the thought that he was the "hero" to pull Lily out of the troubles. Because strong women don't need the help of men.

The two main actors of the film are young but talented faces, who have appeared in several highly regarded works. Handsome Austin Abrams has experience playing Euphoria of HBO, while Midori Francis - one of the female leads with rare Asian ancestry - has a history of Good Boys and Ocean's 8.


When compared to some of Netflix's recent series like Ratched or Queen Gambit, in essence Dash & Lily's image cannot be as magnificent. Everything just stopped at the standard level, but at least it is still successful in conveying the bustling holiday atmosphere, especially in the time when the world in 2020 is still quite negative.

In the movie, Dash and Lily, even though they are too lonely, are determined to send extremely complicated messages to each other, rather than downloading the dating app to the device, which means that! It should not be considered as a reality or a film with any profound meaning, nor do you expect the work to bring "headaches". Instead, the film will shine and be much more attractive if you watch a little of the film as a door into the world of love, family and the eerie sweetness of New York.