8 most watched Netflix series in the US right now

8 most watched Netflix series in the US right now

Before the blockbuster Umbrella Academy season 2 hit Netflix in late July, you can try the great new series in the list...

Before the blockbuster Umbrella Academy season 2 hit Netflix in late July, you can try the great new series in the list below.

Warrior Nun


Inspired by the comic book series of the same name, the main character of the film is a 19-year-old girl who was rescued by an artifact mounted behind her back. She discovered she was a member of an ancient organization associated with the task of vanquishing the demons on Earth. Meanwhile, powerful representatives from both heaven and hell want to search for and control the artifact mounted on her.

Indian Matchmaking


This 8-episode Netflix series follows excellent Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia, who learn about his customers, from hobbies, ambitions to the zodiac, to guide them to find the perfect other half. The series' setting ranges from Houston, Chicago to Mumbai, with young singles going through awkwardly lovable first dates.

Unsolved Mysteries


The first season of Unsolved Mysteries has 12 episodes with mysteries stretching from the United States to many other countries around the world. The content is very diverse, from human to supernatural issues, even those related to aliens. The episodes let the audience face top reporters, family members, theories, and suspects in the hope that one of the audience can find the key to decode the smallest detailed.

The Business of Drugs


The war on drugs has been raging in the US and around the world for decades. In this original Netflix series, former CIA employee Amaryllis Fox exposed the forces behind the drug deals.. This is a bold, clever series that delves into the dark corners of forbidden trades.

Dark Desire


Alma Solares, a reputable lawyer and university professor, visits her best friend over the weekend to ease the pain of her unhappy marriage. In the break, Alma met 23-year-old Dario Guerra and both quickly found interest in each other. When Alma returned home with her husband and daughter, she did not expect that her one night stand would not let her go. The two continue to be deeply entangled in a dangerous relationship, with pleasure and past secret horrors.

Down to Earth With Zac Efron


Dedicated to Zac Efron's fans, this show will follow the actor on his journey around the world with health expert Darin Olien. Both will give advice for viewers to achieve a healthy and excellent body like Zac.

The Last Dance


In the fall of 1997, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls began their journey to win the sixth NBA title in eight years. The Last Dance will tell the unexpected facts in the life of the basketball legend. However, many people have spoken out about the authenticity of the Netflix series and express dissatisfaction.



Based on the book of the same name, Cursed is another take on the legend of King Arthur through the character Nimue. A teenage heroine with a mysterious gift was destined to become Lady of the Lake, a character attached to King Arthur's sword. After her mother died, Nimue met Arthur, who was a mercenary on a quest to find Merlin to give him an ancient sword. Villains appearing in the film include Red Paladins and King Uther.