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Tom Cruise terrified of motorbike accident on Mission: Impossible set

A motorbike burst into flames during the set of Mission Impossible which made Tom Cruise totally went terrified and furious.

New blockbuster movie of Tom Cruise delayed to next year

Top Gun: Maverick, the new blockbuster of Tom Cruise has just announced to push the debut from December 23, 2020 to July...

Tom Cruise to drive helicopter just for lunch

The people present at the scene are extremely shocked with the tolerance of the famous Hollywood actor - Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise claimed to be ‘terrrified’ on Mission: Impossible II set by actress Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton, the British actress in the blockbuster series movies Mission: Impossible has just revealed some details around her superstar actor she...

Tom Cruise and Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman reunite to shoot a movie in space

He's currently holed up at the Scientology headquarters in West Sussex, U.K. amid the coronavirus pandemic. But just as life beings to return to normal...

Tom Cruise ready to finish filming Mission: Impossible 7 as soon as coronavirus restrictions ease

Tom Cruise is eager to get back to Venice to finish filming Mission: Impossible 7 as soon as coronavirus restrictions ease, according to reports.

Tom Cruise’s new movie filming at International Space Station

Fans have often hailed his films as out of this world. Now Tom Cruise really is leaving Earth for his next movie...

“Mission: Impossible 7” set appeared to show Tom Cruise on a motorcycle

Word going around is that Mission: Impossible 7 has started filming again, as photos leaked from the set appeared to show Tom Cruise on a motorcycle.This raised a...

Suri Cruise’s gorgeous 14-year-old beauty

It seems Suri Cruise's life is still extremely comfortable and happy even without the care from her father.

Suri Cruise feverishly with photos on the street

A series of photos of Suri Cruise walking around the city in early July suddenly caused a fever again on social networks...