Kanye West 's 'horrific' past: Debt, near-death accident, mental illness

Kanye West 's 'horrific' past: Debt, near-death accident, mental illness

Before achieving the current success, Kanye West has experienced a series of haunting events in his life. Kanye West is...

Before achieving the current success, Kanye West has experienced a series of haunting events in his life. Kanye West is the focus of attention with the first speech after announcing the US presidential election. And by the way, Kim Kardashian's husband's past has once again been "dug" to netizens' attention.

Horrific accident and almost died

One of the first tragedies that happened to Kanye West was a horrific accident in 2002 that nearly killed the male singer. It was a promising time in Kanye West's career in New York when the co-founder of the famous music label Roc-A-Fella - Mr. Damon Dash wanted to sign a contract with him. However, Kanye almost lost everything on October 23, 2002.


That night, after finishing his work in a studio in California, USA, Kanye drove back to his hotel by private car. After the shift, the male rapper drove in a drowsy state. As a result, he crashed into another car. The owner of the car hit by Kanye had broken his leg, while he also had a broken jaw and a broken nose.


When the police arrived, the "Stronger" voice was not immediately taken to the hospital. Instead, he had to undergo several alcohol tests to determine the responsibility of the parties in the accident. "I was in the car after the accident and they kept asking me. I tried to tell them that I was in great pain and I wanted to go to the hospital," West told MTV.

Now, in retrospect, the 43-year-old rapper once shared in 2002 an unforgettable time in his life. He said it was the most painful disaster he has experienced in over 40 years of his life.

Haunted after the death of his mother


Kanye West's mother, Donda, died in November 2007. According to the results of the investigation, the cause of death is due to a heart attack. However, the male rapper has never accepted this conclusion even though he said he has always tried to forgive those involved in her death.

It was not until famous that Kanye revealed that he had once let his mother perform plastic surgery according to her wishes. However, she died after the surgery. At that time, Dr. Jan Adams - who performed the surgery was unjustly accused, responsible for Donda's death.

Many years later, the male rapper is still extremely obsessed with his mother's death and included in his songs. He also complained to the surgeon every year. In a Twitter post in April 2018, he shared the image of that plastic surgeon. In a screenshot of a conversation with a man named Wes, Kanye wrote: "This is my new album cover. And this is a doctor named Jan Adams, who performed my mother's last surgery. Do you have any idea for the title? I want to forgive and stop hate. "

Total breakdown in public

In 2016, Kanye became completely devastated by the guilt over his mother's death that clung to him. Although it was not his fault, Kanye always blamed himself because he thought that if he had not moved to Los Angeles, his mother would not have died. "If she hadn't come to Los Angeles, she would still be alive. I didn't want to get too deeply into this pain because that would make me cry," he shared eight years after his mother's death.

In November of the same year, just 12 days after Donda's death ceremony, the singer, born in 1977, was hospitalized and undergo a medical examination. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance and had to cancel the Saint Pablo tour then.

Then Dr. Jan Adams - who was unjustly in Donda's death - voiced encouragement to Kanye. In response to the Daily Mail, he said: "If 9 years later Kanye still can not overcome this pain and still blame himself, then someone needs to stand up and tell him: 'Fighting! Boy, it's not your fault. We have to move on. We may feel sad and miss her, but I won't be able to rise if I don't face the truth. "

Debt piled up, he had to ask for help from his Facebook boss, but he was ignored


In 2015, Kanye revealed that he was caught in a debt of 16 million USD because his fashion house Yeezy made a loss. A year later, that number soared to US $ 53 million. At that time, Kanye was almost the same way. He even decided to ask for help from Facebook tycoon - Mark Zuckerberg to invest 1 billion USD in his "big idea". However, the founder and owner of Facebook did not pay any attention to this plea.

After a period of failure, Kanye West's business prospered again and Yeezy became his greatest asset, helping him pick up money and become a billionaire. Kanye's accountant - David Choi once released an inventory of assets, though not yet verified, in which he revealed that the male singer born in 1977 had assets worth US $ 3.15 billion along with a series of other assets totaling up to USD 200 million. These include 4 homes in California (2 in Hidden Hills, 1 in Thousand Oaks and 1 in Calabasas), properties in Wyoming and Chicago.

Having bipolar emotional disorder


Kanye was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2018. This is a disease in which a person's mood changes negatively and these periods usually last for days or weeks. About 1 in 100 people get it and often begin to show symptoms between the ages of 15 and 19 in teenagers.

Like Kanye West, singer Demi Lovato has also publicly reported bipolar disorder. However, the charity Young Minds said that when suffering from bipolar disorder, if treated properly, the patient can still continue living a normal life.

Immediately after being diagnosed, the manifestations of the disease in Kanye often appeared through music and interviews of male singers caught the public's attention. In May 2019, Kanye West appeared in a program called "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction".

During the interview, host David Letterman asked the male rapper: "Do you know any mechanism that your brain is malfunctioning or not working?". Kanye said, "I can't explain as much as you know, I'm not a doctor. I can only share with you about my feelings at a time. I feel like I am closely related to the universe during a fit. It's a health problem. "It's like a brain sprain and it's no different from an ankle sprain. When someone has a sprained ankle, you should not push him to do anything else. With us, when the brain reaches that point, the actions of those around us will make things worse, "he continued.

At the time of joining the program, Kanye is undergoing doctor's treatment. He has been treated to a variety of treatments, but he thinks that the medicine will only work for people with other bipolar disorder.

A close niece died when he was 1 year old


In 2017, Kanye West was again suffering when his cousin Ricky Anderson's son died when he was 1 year old. Her birthday was just celebrated a few days ago. According to the results of the report, the baby died without showing any signs of illness or illness before.

Kanye and Ricky are close brothers and Ricky works at the GOOD Music record label of the 43-year-old rapper in Los Angeles, USA. So when his niece passed away suddenly, he and his family went to grief.