Kim Remained Positive Before Her Divorce

Kim Remained Positive Before Her Divorce
Source: Kim-Remained-Positive-Before-Her-Divorce

Although she is going through difficulties because of her marriage to Kanye West, Kim Kardashian still spends time taking care of herself, studying the Bible and working hard.

As a strong person, Kim Kardashian continues to maintain an active and optimistic lifestyle. On Instagram Story, the 40-year-old star revealed that she is exercising twice a day, following a vegan diet. On Thursday nights, Kim studied the Bible with her sister Khloe Kardashian. On January 8, the mother of four spent a busy and emotional day filming the final scenes of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashian. In addition to filming, Kim also focuses on the business. She has just launched a new collection of fashion brand shaping SKIMS. The beauty shares a series of sexy photos on Instagram to promote her products.


While working and taking care of four young children, Kim Kardashian still pursued a self-study program to become a lawyer. She will take the law exam in 2022. The reality TV star wants to study law so she can help more people. In recent years, she has been actively involved in the campaign of prison reform in the US and has been campaigning for the president to pardon many well-reformed prisoners. Kim and her children live in Los Angeles while her husband - rapper Kanye West - lives alone on a estate in Wyoming. Many sources revealed that Kim and his wife have been separated for many months. Kim no longer wears a wedding ring while Kanye does not return to reunite with his wife and children during the Christmas and New Year holidays.


According to Pagesix, Kim hired lawyer Laura Wasser to discuss preparations for Kanye's divorce. A famous Los Angeles lawyer helped Kim settle a smooth divorce with her second husband in 2011. The source revealed that Kim and Kanye also discussed the divorce. Although they have not applied yet, they know that it will be the day sooner or later. After 7 years of marriage, Kim - Kanye's marriage has been strained for a year. The disagreement between the pair is growing, especially under the impact of the severe Covid-19 epidemic in the US and the presidential election. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in early 2020, Kim has struggled to both work and look after her children during the long days of social separation. Meanwhile, Kanye spends almost alone time working and focusing on his own projects. Many sources said that the couple Kim separated from the same villa in Los Angeles, but each of them a separate room at the top and bottom of the house. Kim was disappointed when her husband did not help her, but she chose to avoid meeting with Kanye so as not to argue.


In July, Kanye West, supported by many close friends, announced his candidacy for US president. However, the pressure of the campaign left the 43-year-old rapper in a mental crisis. Kanye sobbed in tears during a conversation with the gesture and was shocked to reveal that he and Kim once wanted to abort their first child, North West. After this incident, Kim advised her husband to go to psychotherapy, but Kanye was angry that his wife thought she was mentally ill. He left home to Wyoming to live with loved ones. Here, Kanye on Twitter mocked his wife and mother-in-law, even declared that she wanted to divorce Kim for a long time. Kim defended her husband, explaining that Kanye has bipolar disorder so she cannot control her words and actions. Despite suffering, Kim still strives to find ways to help her husband overcome the crisis and heal his marriage. However, after Kanye failed the election in November, he became more and more closed and alienated from his family, immersed in his own plans. The source said that Kim was too tired of her husband's illness and that he could not balance his work and reputation. According to TMZ, before considering the divorce, the star couple went to marriage counseling for a while but did not achieve satisfactory results.