5 reasons why Kim Kardashian might divorce: Kanye's control, 'prickly' personality and revealing shocking abortion?

5 reasons why Kim Kardashian might divorce: Kanye's control, 'prickly' personality and revealing shocking abortion?

Currently, the information Kanye West announced that he wanted to divorce Kim Kardashian made the public extremely worr...

Currently, the information Kanye West announced that he wanted to divorce Kim Kardashian made the public extremely worried.

Today, the world of entertainment industry boiled over Kanye West's information and tweet claiming he had once tried to divorce Kim Kardashian. This news overwhelmed the public by the unbelievable behind the salty images, romantic frames and wonderful statements for each other, it turned out that the golden couple of Hollywood entertainment has the angle is so hidden that it's hard to mend. Over the past 6 years, the couple has faced a series of emotional rumors about the reasons for the public's stir.

Kim is tired of Kanye's mental health


In December 2016, there were rumors that Kim and Kanye had decided to temporarily leave each other. The source said, "Both will have a period of time before Kim decides something, she is no longer passionate about this marriage." The reason was given for the decision of "temporary separation" of the couple since Kanye was hospitalized due to mental exhaustion.

At that time, many sources said that Kim felt "stuck" in her relationship with Kanye, even felt that she was "cheated", but she still supported and stayed with her husband for health. At that time, Kanye also separated himself with his wife and two daughters North and Saint when he was transferred to an outpatient treatment area.

Kanye's excessive control of his wife?


On the TV show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", Kim complained to her sister Kourney about Kanye's over-control. The rapper even wants to take care of his wife in posting which photos on social networks: "He wants all the photos to be really in harmony and must be the photos taken at the motel. So we argued. I want to post photos taken at sea, and then he says, 'I don't understand anything, you have more visibility'. "

Not only that, when Kim wanted to advertise her new fragrance line, Kanye was unhappy, "Why should you post a picture taken at the beach? Delete it."

Kanye has a "kinky" personality, hard to make Kim unable to endure more?


Kim has repeatedly complained about her husband on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". One of the reasons why the couple quarreled is that the rapper's difficult personality.

Kim said, Kanye once expressed pity when his wife "abandoned", even jealous of his daughter Saint because … a personal tape. Kim said, "I feel very frustrated because, I hope he understands that I am very exhausted. I have 3 children to worry about, and he is upset because of the personal tape I took for him. I did not match the color of the skin, while Saint was the right color. At that time, I said, "My God, you are arguing with Saint now, what is going on?"

Kim continued, "He said something like: 'You've ransacked the whole world just to get you the best outfits, but did you let me out on the street with this personal tape?".

Differences in how to care for children


Kim and Kanye have 4 beautiful and stylish children together. Little North - the couple's first daughter is 7 years old this year. Babies begin to imitate their mothers and like to make dances. However, because of his religious devotion, Kanye had different ways of managing his children that made Kim feel uncomfortable, both having a lot of controversy.

Kanye has removed all the TVs in her room, even took all of her daughter's make-up, claiming that she will only get makeup when she enters teenage. Kim expressed concessions to this attitude of Kanye, but she also said that she and her husband constantly have arguments, even quarrels.

Kanye West revealed Kim Kardashian had an abortion, "vague" with another man?


Perhaps, the marriage of Kim and Kanye is hanging up after a shocking speech at the 2020 Presidential election. Kanye has told the press and the media that Kim had almost abortion, and if without being robbed, she and Kanye would not have their first child, little North. After the announcement, Kim was "shocked", and the Kardashian family was deeply saddened and disappointed by what Kanye did.

Not only that, Kanye was shocked today when a tweet revealed he tried to divorce Kim when his wife and rapper Meek Miller met. This share also implies that Kim and Meek have something "vague". Mirror site said, Meek has praised Kim a lot, calling her a "friend" and praising Kim for her acting that contributed actively in renovating the prison and helping some prisoners.