It has been a long time since Summertime Sadness singer, Lana Del Rey updated her current life on social media, in which she showcased her brand new look. However, the female singer received some harsh comments, which most of them were about her chubby appearance and her blonde hair.


However amid the roasted comments, her loyal fans and other “wise” users have chimed in and bashed all those mean words.

For a long time, the gorgeously long, wavy brown hair of hers has been one of her signatures. In order to press the “refresh” button for herself, the singer decided to go for blonde. Her face was also seen a bit fluffy than before. The new look then received a lot of criticism as stating that the blonde hair was for Lana, as well as the weight she’s been putting on.


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Immediately, her fans stood up and defended Lana by using the hashtag “WeloveyouLANA” on social media.

They shared that body shaming is truly toxic and Lana Del Rey is just a human like everybody else.


It can be seen that 2020 hasn’t been a happy year for Lana Del Rey. Earlier, she’s got herself caught up in some troublesome scandals: sensual claims towards Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, racial discrimination. Although all of those were proved to be misunderstood, they for sure had some specific effects on the singer’s career.

Hope that in the near future, we could see more of Lana Del Rey with her music and a happy images than before.