The ginger look of Ed Sheeran is considered as his signature feature that makes him more outstanding and adorable.But what if he dyed his hair black?

The famous musician revealed that he was once told to dye his red hair into black if he wanted to be a star.


Ed, 29, was also ordered to ditch an effects pedal he uses on stage — a key component of his live performances.

Manager Stuart Camp, who has helped guide Ed’s rise, made the claim about an unnamed firm he took over from in 2011.


Stuart said: “The other management ac­tually resigned from him because they said he wasn’t going anywhere.

“He had to drop the looping pedal, dye his hair black and give up the rapping.”

The male artist who once thought he had to change the way he looked to follow the success is now one of the best-selling artists of all time. His song “Shape of you” is the second most-viewed on Youtube with over 5 billion views.


After welcoming his daughter, the “Galway Girl” artist is now taking a short break to stay with family.

But Stuart told podcast Straight Up: “We’ve started recording now. We’ll probably put a record out this time next year.

“I’m looking at a piece of paper that actually has the tracklisting for the album after the next one on it.

“He’s always one or two albums ahead.”