Recently, the debut album that Ed Sheeran composed at the age of 13 was auctioned off with numbers starting from 10 thousand pounds.

To become an influential artist like today, Ed Sheeran started making music career very early. He played guitar from the age of 4 and started composing music during his middle school. The first production he made was called “Spinning Man”.


The album titled “Spinning Man” is a collection of love songs written by the 29-year-old male singer in 2004 with only 20 copies available. 19 of them are in his hands because Ed Sheeran previously confessed that he did not want anyone to own them. The CD was finally given to an acquaintance by him when he lived off the years of singing.


Recently, a relative of Ed Sheeran has found the disc left in the safe for a long time. “My brother put it in the drawer and forgot it,” Kevin said. “At that time, Ed Sheeran was just a bum and he didn’t think at all. He didn’t realize he was going to be one of the top pop stars in the world”.


Next month, a lucky fan can get Ed Sheeran’s rare debut CD from his younger days. The CD including demos written by the male artist at the age of 13 is auctioned off from £10,000. This is considered a pretty large amount, proving the attraction of Ed Sheeran in the hearts of fans.

Recently, the singer has just confirmed that he and his wife are having baby. They added that the pair have been staying up in their Suffolk home during the pandemic and have hardly been seen – allowing them to keep their baby news private.