Christina Aguilera got in a ‘recharging moonlight swim’ this past weekend. Now it appears she also taking action into managing her emotions and mental health by opening up about herself by writing down her feelings in a diary. And on Wednesday she shared some photos of what she’s written and posted it on Instagram, all while challenging some of her famous friends to follow suit.

Especially at this time, it’s essential to dig deep, listen to ourselves, & create a ‘safe space’ for one another,” she began in the caption. She then went on to explain that people who join-in and look inward should ”share our current or past experiences (hardships or highlights), reflect on who we want to be, how we wish to live when we come out of this, and what we want to leave behind.


The Beautiful star went to reveal that writing her thoughts and emotions down in a diary has been beneficial for her in years past.

‘They keep me grounded and centered, and allow me to reflect and listen to my own voice- amongst all the noise of this business,” she confessed about the heeling effect of writing her daily events and emotion since her days as a young starlet.

Reviewing them, I am thankful to be able to look back on how my life has shaped me and how my journey has led me here.


The mother of two then challenged famous friends Demi Lovato, Bethenny Frankel, Dan Levy, Lizzo, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, and Cleo Wade to start sharing their diary entries with their fans.


She ended by urged her 6.8 million followers to join-in and reap therapeutic rewards that comes with being honor with ones-selves with writing. ”I dare us to come together and share our feelings in a time that is uncertain – whether we may feel scared, lonely, and everything in between. I dare us to read each other’s truths and support them. Lift each other up,