The people present at the scene are extremely shocked with the tolerance of the famous Hollywood actor – Tom Cruise.

British media recently unexpectedly caught the moment Tom Cruise himself drove a helicopter landing on a golf course just to go to a nearby lunch spot.


“Mission Impossible” actor stepped down to ask the plane to look cool like filming action with dark glasses, a baseball cap and a sealed mask. As noted by the paparazzi, golfers at Richmond Golf Club in southwest London are extremely shocked and surprised to witness this scene.


According to information from British media, Tom Cruise drove the entire process of takeoff and landing of the helicopter. The actor “Mission Impossible” has a plane license and driving experience for many hours.

Tom Cruise is one of the famous actors who pushes his stamina to the limit when he strengthens his role. He won his role in the first movie “Top Gun” released in 1986 thanks to his burning passion for aviation.