A motorbike burst into flames during the set of Mission Impossible which made Tom Cruise totally went terrified and furious.

Fire brigades and ambulances were quickly rushed to the set after a motorbike action scene went horribly wrong.


The latest part of the Mission: Impossible franchise turned into a complete riot after a motorbike caught fire on the £2 million set.

The 58-year-old actor is said to be furious after witnessing the horror explosion as well as the chance of risky action sequence could take place in one of the most expensive filmed set in the UK.

Tom had been filming a parachute scene in a nearby field for his return as Ethan Hunt in the seventh Mission Impossible movie.


According to an insider revealed: “This has been a massive challenge to stage and has cost a fortune, not to mention weeks and weeks of construction. But when it came to the big day, it went horribly wrong.”

“The heat and the friction of the tyres meant that when the bike crashed, the cardboard padding sparked and went up in flames. The smoke was so bad they had to close a nearby RAF airfield.”

Luckily, nobody was hurt in the accident, but Tom Cruise is believed to get quite in nerves because of the delay in the movie’s production.

“Fortunately, nobody was hurt but it’s a total catastrophe, not to mention extremely expensive for all concerned. Tom is very frustrated. Nobody wants more delays,” the source added.

Fire engines were rapidly sent by Oxfordshire Fire Service to the accident scene on Tuesday night.

Ambulances also fled to the set to check over the whole crew and nearby members of the film’s cast and crew if there’s is any injured.


According to reports, the set of Mission Impossible will be temporarily closed as the movie producers try to discover exactly what was the cause of the accident.

The Mission: Impossible movie was scheduled to be in the box office in July 2021, which had already been shoved back to November due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After the horror accident as well as the lockdown, it is apparently that the seventh installment of the blockbuster movie may not be on theaters until 2022 or any new announcement to give out.