Daughter of Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Catherine Zeta Jones, Katie Holmes … all inherited their mothers seductive stature when they reached puberty.


Supermodel Kate Moss has only daughter Lily Grace, born in 2002. Lily is the result of her sweet young love with her ex-boyfriend – Dazed & Confused magazine editor-in-chief, Jefferson Hack. Last year, Lily Grace officially followed her mother’s footsteps to become a model. She signed a contract to be the face of the beauty line of Marc Jacobs at the age of 16. Inheriting her mother’s delicate face and slim figure, Lily is expected to be a long and shining model of the field.


Cindy Crawford’s daughter – Kaia Gerber – has long been famous for her perfect talent. Kaia entered the model village in 16 and quickly became an expensive new generation super model. Kaia born in 2001 is said to shine even more than her mother.


Supermodel Heidi Klum has her first daughter, Leni, born in 2004. Leni’s father is an Italian businessman, Flavio Briatore – the boss of Formula 1 racing. Currently, Leni still has a normal life like friends at the same age and have no intention of entering showbiz.


Carys star Catherine Zeta Jones is very proud of her daughter Carys Zeta born in 2003. Last year, Carys participated in the advertising campaign for the brand Fendi handbag. She took sample photos and participated in promotional events with her mother, surprising her with beautiful beauty, stylish style. In addition to Carys, Catherine Zeta Jones and actor Michael Douglas also have his son Dylan born in 2000.


The daughter of Iron Man actress Gwyneth Paltrow is also showing off at the age of 16. Apple Martin was born in 2004, has a lovely beauty and inherits her mother’s long legs. Apple rarely appears in public, even though both parents are famous stars. Apple’s father is singer Chris Martin – leader of the band Coldplay. Chris and Gwyneth divorced in 2015 but still keep a close family relationship.


Star Julianne Moore and director Bart Freundlich have a daughter Liv Freundlich born in 2002. Liv just graduated high school in June and is preparing to enter university lectures. Julianne Moore described her daughter as a very intelligent and courageous person.


Suri Cruise – daughter of actress Katie Holmes and actor Tom Cruise – increasingly beautiful, charming when entering teen. Suri, who turned 14 years old in April, was recently surprised when she was on the street with the tall stature of a young woman. Suri lived in New York with her mother after her parents divorced in 2012. Katie Holmes revealed that her daughter is sociable, personality and Katie has no intention of letting Suri pursue acting like her parents.