Ever since Sebastian Stan casually revealed he has thrown his hat into the casting ring for Karyn Kusama‘s upcoming Dracula Blumhouse monster movie, it’s all been able to think about. Granted, it’s been about two hours since discovered this nugget of news, so been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Oh, you haven’t heard this news yet? Well, let’s break it down.


While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week about his new indie Endings, Beginnings, Sebastian Stan offhandedly revealed he connected with his Destroyer director on the recently announced Dracula feature. Since the new Dracula movie was only confirmed in March of this year and came just before the entertainment industry shut down amidst the global coronavirus pandemic, production updates on this particular project have been slow to emerge.

Hopefully, indeed. Do think Stan could convincingly play Dracula? Yes. Do. Also yes! Look, you don’t go from Gossip Girl to Captain America: The Winter Soldier to Ricki and the Flash toI, Tonya without having some incredible range, okay?


Stan has already proven numerous times he can do devilishly charming as well as menacing, mooding, and brooding time and time again. Why not go back to familiar territory in Dracula? Plus, now that Stan has officially put this casting wish on the public record.