Decoding The Global Fever: Bridgerton

Decoding The Global Fever: Bridgerton
Source: Decoding-The-Global-Fever-Bridgerton

The famous series Bridgerton quickly made world audiences wobble because of its fascinating content, so there were countless hot scenes that were more and more embarrassing to watch.

Just a few days after its release, the historical series Bridgerton from Netflix has attracted the attention of the audience, soaring to the top of the most watched films of this system. With the theme of love, sex drama and comedy combined with leading actors of "extreme", Bridgerton is considered a series that is easy to see and understand. Not only that, the film possesses countless daring hot scenes that burn viewers' eyes. Let's take a look at the outstanding reasons to decipher Bridgerton's irresistible charm!

Gossip Girl's standard content is filled with love drama


Bridgerton told about the dreamlike love of lady Daphne Bridgerton and the duchess Simon Basset. When they first pretended to love each other to help their parents feel less impatient, later on, the two began to realize their feelings for each other. Through a number of challenges, Daphne and Simon still intertwined so tightly, making viewers burst into jealousy.

In addition, like the hit movie Gossip Girl, the Bridgerton series also has a secret voice as the narrator, calling herself "Lady Whistledown". This character specializes in providing the hottest sexual information for the people at that time, industrious without rest.

The feudal world, but not heavy and serious


One Netflix hit in 2020, Emily in Paris, received a lot of criticism for drawing a world too easily, too smoothly for the character - far from a dire reality. However, this is also said to be what makes the movie gain points when it does not bring negative energy to viewers. Since then, the experience of watching movies is also more pleasant and quiet.

Bridgerton goes in the same direction. The film's feudal society has historically been known for its barbaric executions, ethnic norms, and unethical sex. However, Bridgerton seems to ignore it all, and the only concern of viewers is the burning love story of the main couple. The film received many criticisms for deliberately "ignoring" the issues of racism, but was also praised for this.

The scene is so hot


Can not ignore the hot scene factor, 18+ when referring to Bridgerton. This series owns 15 hot and burning scenes throughout 8 episodes. In which, the Daphne - Simon couple diligently contributed 10 scenes. Parallel to the intensity of the hot scenes appearing is also the degree of openness of the film that makes the audience fire. Bridgerton is definitely not a work to enjoy with family!