In the last month of pregnancy, Gigi Hadid is enjoying the happy life with her boyfriend Zayn Malik. Gigi Hadid first showed off her pregnant bump for 7 months, her body gained weight and her beauty changed noticeably.


Gigi Hadid is the hottest maternity in Hollywood while pregnant her first child with her boyfriend Zayn Malik – former member of One Direction. Recently, Gigi posted a picture with Zayn, proving the couple’s happy life and the eagerness to wait for their baby to be born. The photo quickly reached 7.5 million “hearts” and received countless blessing comments from netizens.

Gigi Hadid showed a picture with her boyfriend Zayn with the message: “Baby’s daddy”


The photo received numerous murmuring and jealous comments from people, among them, Hailey Baldwin – Justin Bieber’s wife also responded enthusiastically, and Adriana Lima also sent greetings to the Gigi family: “Send blessings to my new family”.

As for netizens, the fans are very much waiting for the couple’s first baby because both parents own the gorgeous beauty. Certainly, the baby of the Gigi – Zayn couple will become the most waited child star in Hollywood.