Henry Cavill To Appear In 6 More Superman Movies

Henry Cavill To Appear In 6 More Superman Movies

Many sources say that actor Henry Cavill will officially return as Superman, making his fans happier than ever cause he is said to be the only one to pull off the superhero role at the best.


Several news sites specializing in superhero movies and DC have simultaneously reported that actor Henry Cavill has come to an agreement with Warner Bros. and put his hand on a contract to portray Superman in a distant future.

It is also revealed that this actor will have his own 3 Superman movies, then appear in other films in the DC universe. So in total, we will be able to see Henry Cavill again in about 5-6 future DCEU projects.


It is known that this agreement was proposed by Henry Cavill himself. The actor is known as someone who loves the role of Superman and he also expressed his desire to continue to portray this character on the big screen.

Although Henry Cavill's role as Superman is widely supported and loved, the weak and controversial performance of the blockbusters with him starring Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League has caused Warner Bros. manufacturers have to rethink Superman's future.


Luckily, the upcoming Justice League: Snyder's Cut movie coming next year is gaining more attention and anticipation from fans, and all are eager to see Henry Cavill as Superman again. Perhaps because of this, DC has been braver in "closing the deal" with the actor.

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Previously, fans have also speculated that Superman will make a comeback in movies like Shazam! or the upcoming Black Adam starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The news that Henry Cavill's return to his beloved role was quickly spread by fans. Everyone expressed their eagerness, expecting this information to be true.


During the time of Superman's absence, the actor also owned another great blockbuster, Netflix's epic series The Witcher. The film received a very positive response from critics and fans, making Netflix also quickly signed part 2 and a separate series, expanding the universe of magic, demons with Henry starring as the lead.

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