Sixteen years after ‘Friends’ last aired, the cast of the iconic TV series have secretly recorded a 90-minute special on Zoom.

Courteney Cox and director Ben Winston recorded a “mock rehearsal” over live video app Zoom – which they plan to release before the halted reunion airs.


A show insider said, “As soon as filming was cancelled, everyone started panicking as it took so long to get their schedules to align, there was a deep fear it may take a year or even longer to get them all back together again.

Courtney immediately set up a Zoom meeting for them and they all logged on to discuss ideas – brain-storming and bringing in the producers for a session which they called a mock rehearsal and chatted for almost two hours.

They’ve been having daily meetings and Jen [Aniston] – who has the busiest schedule of the six – has assured them she’ll do whatever she can to ensure they don’t have to wait months to get the reunion filmed.

Their Zoom sessions have been brilliant fun, and there’s some hilarious material on there which they hope can be aired as either a series of teasers, or even a stand-alone special.”


Director Ben Winston – James Corden’s best friend and producer of his Late Late Show – is directing the greatly anticipated comeback for HBO Max.

Sixteen years after we watch the finale ‘Friends’, all of the original cast – Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston – have confirmed they would have a reunion.

A new release date has not yet been set as filming was postponed due to COVID-19.