With the announcement of the remuneration of A-list stars such as Angelina Jolie, Gal Gadot, Meryl Streep, … Forbes surprised fans because the numbers proved that the film’s position had reversed.

Recently, Forbes has caused a stir when announcing the list of the top 10 actresses with the highest sand-to-earth rate in 2020. The talking numbers associated with the names of Hollywood’s A-class beauty series have made the public unfair. Unexpectedly, the reason is that quite a lot of famous artists suddenly lost their high position in the list, making room for other stars who seemed to be “inferior”.

Forbes also assessed that the pay-off rate of actors proves that the TV segment is outperforming the movie segment, in addition, the total income of the artists is 254 million dollars, down 20% year on year last. The top 10 female actors who receive the highest salary in 2020 are as follows:

1. Sofia Vergara: 43 million dollars


Beauty replaces Scarlett Johansson – who earns up to 56 million dollars) – to become the queen of remuneration 2020. It is worth mentioning, Scarlett does not reach the top 10 this year. It is known that with each episode of the hit ABC series above, Sofia pocketed $ 500,000, in addition to becoming a jury of American’s Got Talent, Sofia also received an additional $ 10 million each season.

2. Angelina Jolie: 35.5 million dollars


2nd place belonged to “Maleficent” Angelina Jolie. Forbes said that Brad Pitt’s ex-wife is one of the rare actresses who have a source of sand from a movie. It is known that the money that Angelina earns from The Eternals – Marvel’s next blockbuster has a budget of $ 200 million

3. Gal Gadot: 31.5 million dollars


The third place can be said to be the name that surprised many people the most. Last year, Gal Gadot was not in the top of the top artists receiving the sand-series of 2019, but this year she suddenly surpassed and only stood behind the two big names above. According to Forbes, Gal Gadot pocketed $ 20 million thanks to the 1984 Wonder Woman movie project.

4. Melissa McCarthy: 25 million dollars


Add an actress this year with the unexpected rise of Hollywood – comedian Melissa McCarthy. This year is a big winning year for Melissa because she has 2 films shown on the Netflix and HBO platforms, and she will also take on the villain role named Ursula in the highly anticipated Disney movie Mermaid.

5. Meryl Streep: 24 million dollars

“The Iron Woman” Meryl Streep received $ 5 million for the comedy Let Them All Talk project. The rest of the money is from the film’s film The Prom and Little Women.

6. Emily Blunt: $ 22.5 million


Coming in at number 6 is Emily Blunt. The beauty who received the Golden Globe was paid a salary of up to 8 digits with her participation in the movie A Quiet Place.

7. Nicole Kidman: 22 million dollars


Last year, Nicole was in 4th place with the earnings of 34 million dollars, but this year the sand-pay level dropped to 22 million dollars, leading to her “plunge” in the rankings. ranked at No. 7. Nicole received an 8-digit remuneration thanks to the project The Prom joined actress Meryl Streep, and will pocket an additional $ 1 million for each episode of The Undoing – The series is coming to air on HBO soon.

8. Ellen Pompeo: 19 million dollars


Last year, Ellen was in 10th place with $ 22 million in salary, this year she rose to 8th place although her remuneration decreased. This is partly due to the fact that ABC has to pay the actress $ 550,000 for each episode of Gray’s Anatomy. In addition, she has an additional $ 6 million thanks to new details in her contract signed until 2021 with ABC.

9. Elisabeth Moss: 16 million dollars


The actress was paid 1 million dollars for each episode played The Handmaid’s Tale, more worth mentioning, the actress also received a share of the Invisible Man project – the unexpectedly “good-to-do” movie that grossed $ 134 million, even with a mere $ 7 million in capital.

10. Viola Davis: $ 15.5 million


The “closing” position this year belongs to actress Viola David. Thanks to the roles of Annalize Keating in How to Get Away with Murder and Ma Rainey in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, she received a 7-digit salary.