Currently, the health information of David Beckham‘s family is very interested.


The Daily Mail page reported that the couple David Beckham is said to have been infected with COVID-19 when attending a party in Los Angeles in early March. According to information, both David and his wife Victoria Beckham fear they will become case of super infection because some employees of 2 people also contracted Corona virus after only 2 weeks of following the Beck family around the world.

The Beckhams flew from LA to England to attend Brooklyn Beckham’s 21st birthday in the Cotswolds on March 4, then returned to the US on March 11 to attend the launch of David’s new team in Florida. then flew back to the Cotswolds on March 19, before there was a social restraining order. It is reported that, while in Miami, David started to feel unwell, while Victoria had a sore throat and high fever afterwards.


The Sun page was informed by the source: “David attended a number of events, shook hands and hugged fans and important people of the club”. Some employees in the Beckhams team including the driver, bodyguards and security guards began to have health problems, some of them very ill. The source revealed that Victoria was really panicked and forced the whole family to be strictly isolated for more than 2 weeks required by the British government.

After the couple completely recovered, they conducted health checks of the staff in the crew more often. Notably, David and Victoria are reported to have sent special health care packages to at least 2 severely affected employees.

Contact a representative for David Beckham to confirm the information, who declined to comment.