Harper Beckham got the spotlight!

Harper Beckham got the spotlight!

9-year-old Harper - the youngest daughter of the Beckham family is becoming more and more a teenager, recently in the family gathering picture.


Recently, Victoria Beckham has posted on her personal Instagram photos taken with the whole family. Although Brooklyn and his girlfriend were absent, Victoria still did not forget to express her nostalgia for this couple. The whole family dressed up to take pictures, but looking back and forth, viewers still see something special in this series.


It turns out that the youngest sister Harper is the character that occupies the spotlight on her side thanks to her beauty and trendy outfit. While the whole family wears uniform black and white tones, the 9-year-old girl wears a full purple dress. Many viewers agreed that Harper is the child version of Victoria, growing bigger and bigger in the form of a girl. Her long hair and embellished face also received many compliments from netizens. Leaving alone the most outstanding maknae in the family is understanding how much the family is pampering the little princess!


Harper, dressed in the most prominent outfit, is also favorably standing in the middle.


The whole family was dressed in black and white, and Harper wore purple and the mask was also synchronized. Harper's dress was custom-tailored by Victoria.