7-year-old Theodora asked her mother when she saw in the newspaper pictures of her father – former Take That Robbie Williams member – hugging and kissing other girls.

Actress Ayda Field, wife of Robbie Williams, said that her children are gradually learning everything despite being in elementary and kindergarten. The children began to question their father’s wild past and she said that one day the whole family would need to have open discussions about these issues.


Ayda told The Sun: “Teddy (the first name of his eldest daughter Theodora) saw Robbie several times in old videos. She asked me, ‘Mom, did Dad go out with other people before you? “I said, ‘That’s right, Teddy. He’s dated a couple of people.’ She wants to ask about this. Teddy doesn’t know how much love he had before he married me.”


Robbie Williams used to have a famous love-life in his youth, paired with many Hollywood ladies like Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Perry, two Spice Girls members Geri Horner, Mel C and went to bed with countless other beauties. “Whenever we turn on the TV, especially in the UK, we will see someone Robbie used to sleep with,” Ayda Field shared about her husband in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald. “He slept with a lot of people, but I don’t mind it because everything happened before we met.”

The singer met American actress Ayda Field in 2005 and has been with her ever since. The couple got married in 2010 and gave birth to four kids, 7-year-old Theodora, 5-year-old Charlton, 2-year-old Collette and 3-month-old Beau.


Ayda Field said that one day, she and her husband would sit with their children to answer children’s questions about their parents’ past. “We will discuss about their father’s youth, the story of addiction or the situation that Robbie experienced. To me, everything will be alright because if compared to the father of the children, I am like an angel,” the actress said. 41-year-old member laughed openly.

In the past, Robbie Williams has also struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. The feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction about himself in his 20s caused the singer Take That to rush into a substance to forget everything. Robbie has had to go to rehab a few times and struggle to give up his reliance on painkillers. In an interview last year, the voice of Feel revealed that he was in the most active stage of his life thanks to his wife and children. “It must be said that the golden period in my life is now, next to my wife. Now I am 45 years old and life needs to go through such a long way for a person to understand themselves”, Robbie Williams confided.