The sequel to the horror film “Black Water” shows that young people should not travel in the stormy season, especially in pristine places because it is easy to become a prey for the wicked hungry crocodiles.


Among predators, crocodiles are considered to have a fierce and dangerous appearance. If the shark can only “work” in the underwater environment, the giant gorilla or the dinosaur can only catch prey in the terrestrial environment, the alligator can both. Whether it is underwater or on the shore on a meadow, this creature with sharp teeth and rough skin is still the most terrible nightmare. Many cinematographic works have exploited the theme of crocodile hunting, but until now, “Black Water” released in 2007 is still considered to be the most daring and haunting work for the “ferocious”. This bloodthirsty hunts in the dark waters. Returning after more than 12 years, “Black Water: Abyss” was even more “leveling up” than in the previous episode, leaving the ferocious alligator hiding in the dark caves, waiting for the prey to come to its mouth and hungry stomach.


Set in Northern Australia with wild nature, the film revolves around a group of 5 friends who go exploring unspoiled caves. Eric and Jennifer are an adventurous couple, convincing another couple, Yolanda and Viktor, to learn about a large cave. A new guy named Cash is a guide for the team. The trip seemed perfect when a group of 5 people enjoyed the overwhelmingness in the giant cave that no one had been able to explore by tourists. However, a storm came, preventing them from returning. The group thought it would be safe to hide underground. But when the water was deep in the cave, all had to find a way out in the dark. And at that moment, the fierce predator appeared and began a bloody hunt in the dark waters.


Continuing to “hold” this part, director Andrew Traucki gave “Black Water: Abyss” a stronger drama and feeling than the previous episode. The crocodile in this episode is extremely dangerous and has a giant appearance, the ability to hunt at the same speed as a supercar machine. The smartest thing of director Andrew Traucki is not to let this villain appear too much, but each “acting” is making viewers unable to stop heart and suffocate when watching.

The characters in the movie following the trend of discovering wild natural caves are “trend” today. However, the arrival of the largest living coastal predator in the world really turned the adventure trip into a bad nightmare. See “Black Water” to see that groups of young people should not travel to untouched natural areas in the face of adverse weather conditions. Because no one will know what will happen when a sudden storm causes the “godly” spirits of Mother Nature to wake up after a long sleep. Together with the production team with famous works about the human shark – “47 Meters Down”, “Black Water: Abyss” have strong visual effects, focusing on exploiting fear in human instincts. merely the usual “jump-scare” intimidation, like many horror works of the same subject.


The film also brings together a cast of beautiful young British and Australian actors with good acting ability. Especially the two beauties of the movie – Jessica McNamee and Amali Golden – will become the new “scream queens” of the screen after the performance in this work. By the end of the movie, the cast still made viewers heart-flutter with a rather unexpected ending and the way to handle the situation went against expectations. Tough and suspenseful, “Black Water: Abyss” is one of the most watched horror movies in theaters this summer, especially for those who are afraid of crocodiles but still want to experience the feeling. Strong as a natural cave explorer but unfortunately hit by a storm.