Black PantherChadwick Boseman has passed away at the age of 43, but he will forever remain in the mind of the audience as an extraordinary warrior on screen and in real life.


In a 2018 interview, Chadwick Boseman – then a star of the superhero franchise – talked about cancer children who can’t wait to see Black Panther. Speaking of which, he could not hold back his tears. Those who witnessed the interview that day just thought it was an emotional moment for the actor and thought that King T’Challa also had a fight of his own. After a period of hard work, finally the 43-year-old star’s journey has reached the end. Cancer monstrous has robbed a star on top of glory, but in 4 short years, Boseman has marked himself as a hero devoted to art to the very last breath.

2016 is the year Chadwick Boseman marked an important career transition when launching the Marvel movie universe with the role of Black Panther / King T’Challa in Captain America: Civil War. Ironically, that was also the year that Boseman discovered he had stage III colon cancer. Just fighting with illness, he diligently worked with a series of big and small movies: Marshall, Black Panther, 2 parts Avengers, 21 Bridges, Da 5 Bloods and many film projects in the process of production. For an actor who was only into Hollywood for two years before changing his life thanks to Marvel, what he did was extraordinary between the dense filming schedule and silent chemotherapy surgeries.


Until the age of 30, Boseman still did not have a big role in his career. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Howard University and the British American Drama Academy, but the actor was still only able to earn himself lackluster TV roles until he received an offer to transform into baseball legend Jackie Robinson in the film. biography 42 (2013). The only person who ever played Robinson on the screen was the late star, yet there was an anonymous guy who took on the role with all confidence and charisma. Throughout the film is Robinson’s repression of the vile racist crowd, which Chadwick Boseman reappears with his deep sympathy and resilience that he holds to the very end.

Boseman’s greatest success in Get On Up (2014) lies in the difference between the image of singer James Brown he played and the role of Jackie Robinson in the previous biography, demonstrating his diverse ability to capture the version. character quality. During the promotion of Get On Up, Boseman received an invitation from Marvel. They are preparing for the debut of Black Panther – a black superhero promising to play an important role in the huge cinematic universe. There is only one person chosen by the Marvel team and no one else.

54 years after its debut on the Marvel Comics, the characters from the hands of the brain of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are witnessing their most glorious days. Black Panther launched in February 2018 with a total revenue of more than 1 billion dollars, has become a milestone not only for the Hollywood box office but also the pride of people of color at that time. The cast before and after the screen includes the brightest star Chadwick Boseman, which has set a new standard for a black presence in Hollywood. The majestic setting depicts the fantasy country Wakanda with all the vibrant African cultural beauty while leading the way in scientific and technical progress that has revolutionized the comic industry.
The success of the film that Ryan Coogler directed comes from the weight of the role played by Chadwick Boseman. Still astonishing confidence, Boseman excelled at portraying a wise king, a mighty superhero. T’Challa is idealized without being “chipped”, a sensitive and upright warrior, who bravely struggled while the burden of responsibility led an entire nation. The emotional harmony has created humanity for the character, spreading to the hearts of the audience even when Black Panther wore a full-body combat suit.


One of Boseman’s big wins with Black Panther behind the screen was his successful persuasion of the crew so that the superhero could speak English with an African accent. For white producers, it’s not easy to imagine how important this is to the character, to Boseman, to audiences and to the movie. They ask the star to speak with an English accent, or an American accent, or even a European accent. This puzzled Chadwick: “Why does he have to go out to learn languages? That doesn’t make any sense. The leader of a rich and progressive country like Wakanda, he has to talk to his subjects in their own language and in their voices. “ As a result, the actor won. He traveled all the way to South Africa in search of a dialect teacher.

His film legacy includes his beloved influential character roles that shaped the way directors and audiences saw him. When Spike Lee embarked on making Da 5 Bloods, this filmmaker put the whole work around the image of a black American soldier who died in the Vietnam War. Teammates have been trying to find the body of “Stormin” Norman Earl Holloway (Chadwick Boseman) for many years. From an original script depicting Norman alive, Spike Lee decided to have the character’s death romanticized as a recollection of the tragic loss from a bleak period in US history.

During his 20s, Chadwick Boseman would sit in a Brooklyn cafe for hours playing chess and script writing. After trying out short films, Boseman thought about a movie project where he named himself as the director. The more successful, that dream becomes more clear and possible, even when Boseman discovers cancer. He hopes to co-direct and write the Expatriate film project with Barry Jenkins without ever thinking it is too late. Boseman actively participates in film, promotion, production, and charity activities. It was seen that he was emaciated on the set, thinking that he had cut weight for the role but expected that it was when his illness gradually took over his body.

Da 5 Bloods is just one of many films Chadwick Boseman made when it came to cancer treatment. It’s painful to see the parallels between the image Norman was remembered by his teammates and the image we will remember of Boseman many years later: forever a guy with a shining smile. great legacy. That young man forever remained with his youth, reminding people of his efforts as a devoted hero for as long as he can.