Many viewers pointed out the surprising similarity between Katy Perry’s “Swish swish” with Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK ‘s “Sour Candy”. Are both of them really using the same sample from another song?

At 6pm on May 28th (local time) Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK brought a big surprise for fans when they released the song “Sour Candy” right before the announcement time. Although it was released unexpectedly without a notice, the two fandom pushed the #SourCandy hashtag to # 1 international trending, showing their excitement for the combined product. 

Regardless of the expectations, Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK brought a masterpiece of music with the catchy House melody, the lyrics include both English and Korean.

With the catchy melody and the attractive mix of 5 vocalists, “Sour Candy” has made a big storm on online music platforms. However, while the hashtag #SourCandy is becoming the hottest keyword, #SwishSwish (the name of a song by Katy Perry) is also in the top trending Twitter US.


What is the truth?

The reason comes from the fact that many fans have pointed out that “Sour Candy” has the sound of House and the melody was very similar to “Swish Swish”. Therefore, the audience is determined to push the hashtag #SwishSwish to the top of the US Twitter trending with the desire to receive a satisfactory response from the “monster mother” Gaga.


Immediately, Little Monsters (Lady Gaga’s fandom) spoke out and rejected this information. They said that ” Sour Candy” was a song that used the same sample (sample melody) with Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” so it was impossible to plagiarize.


Currently, Gaga has not given any official information that the collaboration with BLACKPINK is a song that uses samples. However, recently, reputable newspaper “Metro UK”  has just published an article about the unexpected launch of the cooperation between Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK with an extremely important information amid the stressful situation: “The song ‘Sour Candy’ used a sample from Maya Jane Coles’s song ‘What They Say ‘, which was used as a sample in Katy Perry’s ‘Swish Swish’ and the collaboration of ‘Girls Like’ by Tinie Tempah and Zara Larsson” .

For those who do not know, not only the three songs mentioned above, “What They Say” has also been used by Nicki Minaj as a sample for the song “Truffle Butter”, this is a collaboration between her and Drake and Lil Wayne in “The Pinkprint” album. It can be seen that, today, the use of samples (sample melodies) from old hits, reusing classical music is also recognized as a new and interesting creative way. Some songs that use samples are worldwide famous include “On The Floor” (sample from “Lambada”), “Hung Up” (sample from “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!) …

Most recently, the No.1 hits also applied the sample formula and received a lot of public recognition such as Ariana Grande’s “7 rings”, Halsey’s “Without Me” and “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, …