According to SportsSeoul on May 6, boy group NU’EST is going to join web entertainment show ‘K-Bab STAR’ as special guest.


First aired on April 21, ‘K-Bab STAR’ is a food show that invites K-pop stars who are making a comeback to join Lee Young Ja and Kim Sook in a small mukbang party at a rural farmhouse.

Previously, boy group CRAVITY and girl group OH MY GIRL made their guest appearances on the show. In an earlier production presentation, Lee Young Ja and Kim Sook said that they are inviting NU’EST to the program.


As NU’EST’s appearance was confirmed, expectations are also high on the chemistry between the group members, entertainment sensation Lee Young Ja and Kim Sook.

The episode starring NU’EST is scheduled to be released on YouTube sometime in May.

Meanwhile, NU’EST will make their comeback with the eighth mini-album ‘The Nocturne‘ on May 11.