Singer Jeon Somi has published a pictorial showing the maturity of her twenties.

Through the June issue of ‘Vogue Korea‘, Jeon Somi showed off her unique visual combined with trendy emotional style.


In the published photos, Jeon Somi has increased her charisma with a strong gaze that seems to be piercing through the camera. She attracted the attention of the viewers with an elegant appearance and a mysterious atmosphere in the black and white photo.


Appears as a fashion model, showing bold poses to the point of no fear, and also showing the appearance of “icon of Z generation”. It is known that she has shown a great style with many diverse concepts.


Then, in an interview conducted with the newspaper, Jeon Somi said, “I don’t want to be a familiar idol to the public. I want to become a more avant-garde artist, who can over the challenge that others can’t challenge.”

The attractive pictorial of Jeon Somi – who shared true stories and unusual new images – can be found in the June issue of Vogue Korea.