Singer IU and Suga of BTS have opened the race of collaboration on May with the song ‘Eight’.


A song like a novel containing the honest confession of musicians of the same age (28 years old). 6 pm (Korean time) on May 6, IU’s new song ‘Eight’ feat Suga of BTS is a song that combines IU’s unique vocal and Suga’s swag rap. This is also the third song in the series about IU’s age after ‘23‘ and ‘Palette‘.


The lyrics seem to bring a message of hope. Here, perfection has been enhanced to perfection by adding Suga’s rap and IU’s attractive singing.

IU explained about the song ‘Eight’: “If the previous songs were stories in the form of articles that I spoke directly to the audience directly, then the song ‘Eight’ is like a short novel that reveals my 28-year-old with many different metaphors.” and “I’m not sure whether it came from my personal feelings or from the general atmosphere of society when enduring hard times together due to natural disasters, but I think it will be remembered for the over and over again of my 28 years old, and “We” always seem to remember the free and no sadness ‘orange island’.”

Watch MV ‘Eight’ below: