Popular comedians Lee Soo Geun and Defconn will be joining tvN D’s new reality program ‘Wheeling Camp’ as the show’s MCs.


According to a report by SpoTVNews on June 12, Lee Soo Geun and Defconn will lead tvN D’s new reality entertainment show ‘Wheeling Camp’.

‘Wheeling Camp’ is a reality program with food, conversation, and leisure. It is expected that the two famous entertainers will give viewers a healthy laughter by portraying what happens while camping in their vehicles.

Lee Soo Geun and Defconn once showed off their strong teamwork by working together on various entertainment shows such as JTBC’s ‘Perfect Combi’, MBN’s ‘Cart Show 2’ and History Korea channel ‘Brain-fficial’. Attention is focusing on what kind of fun ‘Wheeling Camp’, which is presented by the two MCs who are loved by viewers for their sense of entertainment and talking skills, will bring in the future.