Top 5 Korean pretty angels come from Daegu

Top 5 Korean pretty angels come from Daegu

Daegu – the land of beautiful girls. Its name has proved for the city ‘s famous. As one of the largest cities in Korea,...

Daegu – the land of beautiful girls. Its name has proved for the city ‘s famous. As one of the largest cities in Korea, it is famous for its high-quality apples and demands high responsibility for the textile technology of the country. In the Entertainment aspects, Daegu appears as the land of pretty angels.

Below are top 5 beautiful women who come from Daegu with the prominent visuals, which proved for this realization.

Red Velvet - Irene

Coming from the city Daegu, Red Velvet Irene makes public to admit her perfect visual when she was a little young girl. Her beauty is known widely when she was a trainee for SM Entertainment and debuted until now. As a true Daegu citizen, Irene is said t be better at enduring the hot weather than most the people. The idol has repeatedly shown her lovely local Daegu voice on television.



Kim Hee Sun

The beauty of the actress Kim See Sun born in Daegu has been famous since she was in middle school. She won the contest to find advertising faces in Korea in1992 and started her modeling career. A short time later, Kim Hee Sun appeared in an advertisement and then debuted as an actress. She gradually becomes the “national treasure of beauty” which is widely recognized by the public until now.



Son Ye Jin

As one of the top actresses in Korea, Son Ye Jin lived in Daegu during her school years and graduated high school here. She then was discovered by the CEO of an entertainment company due to her perfect visual and outstanding appearance. It has been 20 years since her debut but her pretty is still bright as ever.



Min Hyo Rin

With a doll-like appearance, Min Hyo Rin has attracted the attention of many people throughout her acting career. All the outlines in her face are so perfect and her nose is considered by many to be a unique one that no other Korean has the same nose like that.



Song Hye Kyo

Also another top Korean actress, Song Hye Kyo was born in Daegu province. She won a model contest about school uniforms when she was in school. Not only being famous for her own visual, but she also attracts and being recognized by the public by her acting talent for years.