Son Dam Bi talks about her beauty tips and taste in acting roles

Son Dam Bi talks about her beauty tips and taste in acting roles

Son Dam Bi has had a chance to share her beauty tips and how the taste in her acting roles has changed with age through...

Son Dam Bi has had a chance to share her beauty tips and how the taste in her acting roles has changed with age through an interview and pictorial with Marie Claire magazine.


Son Dam Bi, who met at the set, caught the attention of the staff with her gentle and feminine beauty, unlike her easy-going appearance on TV. No matter what color lipstick you put on, it perfectly digests each color in a different atmosphere, creating admiration for everyone throughout the camera flash. After finishing her first meeting with Makeup Forever, the interviewer asked her what she had been curious about.

Here are some of the questions and answers of the actress Son Dam Bi through the interview:


I heard today is your first time meeting Makeup Forever. What is impressive about the new Rouge Artist Lipstick that you filmed this time? I used to use Makeup Forever's lipstick, but it's so much fun to be able to use it with this new lipstick. This new product is very impressive because it is inspired by the artist's lip brush and can create a sophisticated color. There are 60 colors, so it's also attractive to have a wide range of choices.

What is your favorite lip color? I'm curious about your favorite color today. I like to make various colors look natural. What's especially impressive today is the red color. I like the fact that it's moist and vivid even if you apply it just once. It's a perfect color for everyone, so I think it's perfect to highlight your face with just a lipstick.


Is there any makeup Forever product that you want to recommend besides lipstick? While filming today, I was surprised that the foundation has a variety of finishes. I think skin expression is the most important when you put on makeup, but it's very comfortable and natural because it sticks to your face. Besides this, mist with fixer function is a product that I usually use.

It's amazing how you maintain your slim figure and beauty from the start of your debut. Do you have any special beauty know-how? I didn't think I had any special know-how before, but I try to take vitamins as I get older. It's a minimal effort to stay young regardless of age. I also exercise regularly. I do weight training three to four times a week. Even the habit of eating. I think it helps.


What kind of makeup do you usually do? I'm also curious about my skincare routine. I don't like to make my makeup complicated, so I make it simple enough to accentuate my lips. I like to give one point with red or pink. I think it is more effective to do anything consistently than to take special care of it, so I practice one pack a day.

Your mother is also beautiful. Is there any special beauty know-how you learned from her? I can't keep up with my mom.(laughs) He's incredibly diligent. Thanks to my mom, I have a lot of benefits. He brings various healthy drinks such as bean soup or broccoli water every time. I think she thinks eating is more important than doing something on her face.

You did a great job in various styles today. What kind of clothes do you usually wear? I used to like fancy things, but these days, I like classic and simple looks. I like to give one point to styling. It's like giving points with shoes, belts, and accessories.

What do you usually do in your free time? I like watching Netflix movies or dramas, growing plants, and making pottery. I started it because I heard that touching the soil with my hands helps relieve stress, but I feel very proud and satisfied when I make vases or bowls with my hands.


What do you think about aging naturally and beautifully? I don't think you're being obsessive. Rather than being age-conscious and bound, you forget about it. Rather than caring about getting older, it's more important to take care of people around you, enjoy your life freely, and mature inside.

Is there anything new you want to show through the next work? When I was young, I didn't want to play a strong and scary role, but now I'm attracted to these characters. I want to try something different through villains or thrillers.