Jimin Gets Recognition From Legendary Fashion Designers Including Donatella Versace And Marc Jacobs, Carving His Place In The Fashion World

Jimin Gets Recognition From Legendary Fashion Designers Including Donatella Versace And Marc Jacobs, Carving His Place In The Fashion World

BTS's Jimin is generating immense attention from the fashion world, with renowned designers and industry experts taking note of his style.

On the 16th of January, fans were pleasantly surprised to find Jimin announced as the new global brand ambassador for the French luxury fashion house Dior. The news generated great hype online and was carried by media outlets like WWD, Elle, Vogue, CNN, Harper's Bazaar, Reuters, and more around the world.

As soon as Dior shared the news with several posts on their social media platforms, he gained attention with the original tweet announcing his appointment emerging as the most liked and retweeted ever on the Dior account within an hour; the others also emerged among the top most engaged with. The Instagram post of Jimin wearing the Kim Jones Spring-Summer 2023 Sportswear became the most liked on the fashion house's Instagram account ever, with over 2.3 Million likes within the first day; his other posts were among the top 5 most liked ever. Now all his posts have surpassed 2 million likes, with the main post having over 3.5 Million likes.

It was this post that Versace Vice President and Creative director Donatella Versace left a like on showing her support. BTS and the famed designer had met at the 64th Grammy Awards and from the photos shared, it appeared that she was completely taken with Jimin, who looked dashing and ever so charming in Louis Vuitton. The designer also sent a congratulatory bouquet to Dior's Creative director Kim Jones before the #DiorWinter23 Show.

The LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Möet, and Hennessy) CEO Bernard Arnault's sons Alexandre Arnault the President of Tiffany and Co as well as Tag Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault also welcomed the new global ambassador with a like on Jimin's post. The LVMH is the umbrella company that owns Dior, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Co, Fendi, Bulgari, Celine, Givenchy, Tag Heuer, and more; since Bernard Arnault is the richest man/person in the world, he and his clan exert great influence in the industry.

Among the brand representatives who have followed Jimin on Instagram are Tiffany and Co's Vice President and Head of Global PR, Pearl Lee; Jessica Chan, Global Public Relations; Morgan Healy of Global Entertainment Relations, and Michael Verdi, the brand's Public Relations specialist, eliciting great attention. Previously Dior's artistic director Kim Jones and Celebrity relations officer Sam Maouchi were the ones following Jimin's personal IG account.

Moreover, it was also discovered that Valérie Lebérichel, the Global VP in charge of Givenchy communications, is only following Jimin on IG. To add the icing on the fashion cake, Jimin seems to have caught the eye of the renowned American designer Marc Jacobs who liked his Instagram post containing photos taken from the #DiorWinter23 show when he posed with Dior's Kim Jones, English former football star David Beckham as well as Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson.

All the attention makes fans hopeful for more, since news of his appointment helped the Dior stock to skyrocket to an all-time high of 789 Euros per share within a day. This came as fans also shared countless images of them having bought products from Dior in support of the idol and desire to dress like him as well.

On the 18th, Jimin left for Paris to attend his first-ever fashion week event as the newly appointed global ambassador, in head-to-toe Dior. He was greeted by fans at airports on both destinations and flanked by bodyguards who ensured his safety. On the 20th, he headed to the Place de la Concorde, where he was greeted with never before seen crowds cheering for him and reporters looking for a chance to take photos of him or get an interview before the show.

Throughout, Jimin was the main event, with major outlets like WWD, Elle Portugal, The Philippines Business World, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, and even Vogue Business reporting on it. In particular, Jimin's attendance was recorded by Lefty's Ramos as a huge success declaring that his posts on the Dior show had garnered $16.7 Million in earned media value within a week.

Jimin is known to be the muse of the fashion world, in 2019, YSL requested for a fan site photo of the star wearing their brand to display at their headquarters in Paris and Asia offices. As one of Korea's most valued celebrity, a member of the authoritative Business of Fashion 500, and listed among the best-dressed Korean celebrities, his future in fashion is bright.

Source: Allkpop