How to do glamorous makeup like Seo Ye Ji

How to do glamorous makeup like Seo Ye Ji

Let's take a look at the makeup style of Seo Ye Ji - the "crazy girlfriend" in the ongoing drama hit 'It's Okay To Not...

Let's take a look at the makeup style of Seo Ye Ji - the "crazy girlfriend" in the ongoing drama hit 'It's Okay To Not Be Okay'.


1. Natural eyebrows

This eyebrow shape helps Seo Ye Ji's face become brighter and more gentle. The important point when drawing this style of eyebrows is to ensure the naturalness - you need delicate skills, specific tools and a good choice of dark and light for the eyeliner. Only then can your eyebrow shape be beautiful and harmonious with the face.

To look like the actress, the advice for you is use a small black eye liner to draw thin eyebrows and re-spread them a bit.

2. Smooth black hair

Black hair is the trademark of Seo Ye Ji, no matter which film she is in, she is quite loyal to long and black hair. Black hair brings elegance and nobility to the beauty. Moreover, just with black hair, Seo Ye Ji was free to change between curly and straight hair. The advice for you to get long, smooth hair is to apply weekly hair care with masks for hair, including natural or chemical products.


3. Luxurious lipstick

In 'It's Okay To Not Be Okay', Seo Ye Ji chose the opposite lipstick colors that is dark red and nude. Red lipstick has a strong tone, so you should wear casual clothes to balance it. Particularly with nude lipstick, you must also be quite skillful in make-up to be like the actress, otherwise you should not try this lipstick color.

4. Smokey eye

In the movie, she chooses two different eyeshadow colors: coral and brown, and create an additional ombre effect to bring out the glamor and elegance. Especially, she tweaks on both the upper and lower eyelids to enhance the smoke. The advice for you is to choose any two shades of eyeshadow and apply the brighter one (coral) on the darker one (brown), and you will have attractive eyes like Seo Ye Ji.


5. Under eye glitter

Making the area under your eyes glitter is will help your face glow even more. However, a sincere advice is that you should not abuse it because the face will look unnatural. Take a lesson from Seo Ye Ji, as she emphasizes that area e in a moderate, shimmering but also elegant way. Especially the copper color will make you look extremely lovely at night.