Only BLACKPINK Lisa To Pull Off Bizarre Outfits Perfectly

Only BLACKPINK Lisa To Pull Off Bizarre Outfits Perfectly

It is not strange at all if we give flowery compliments over BLACKPINK Lisa's beauty but it is undeniable that she is t...

It is not strange at all if we give flowery compliments over BLACKPINK Lisa's beauty but it is undeniable that she is the one who is always dressed in bizarre and weird outfits. However, she can turn away any flamboyant clothes into high fashion even though those styles are just so hard to wear.


They say: “Fine feathers make a fine bird”, but with Lisa, she’s a bird that make her feathers seem fine. Lisa fits so well with all the outfits that are hard to wear. None of those outfits can do anything to Lisa’s visual while she easily turns them into high-fashion items.

Let's take a look at those weirdest clothes that Lisa has ever worn and she that how this girl is called to have the nicest body in K-Pop.


With hair ties up into 2 cute buns, the artist dons a camisole with a weirdly mixed pair of jeans. This outfit is indeed not an easy look to pull off but Lisa's perfect body brings out the high-fashion vibe. And as everyone can see, she looks cute and badass at the same time.


Overall denim could make someone's become childish and quite dorky but for this look of Lisa, she just looks cuter than ever. The main rapper appears at the airport donning a Minion outfit with a bright yellow t-shirt with denim overall and looks just like a little kid!


The 2-color pants are just so... hard to explain but it is obvious that no one could wear this item as elegantly as her.


Using bandana as a camisole is a familiar outfit for Lisa, which is not a challenge for her at all because she has perfect figure to make even a fabric become luxurious like labeled fashion.


If for anyone else's this fringed dress is totally a sparkling curtain but Lisa slays it like a twinkling designed dress that was only destined to be worn by her.


And don't forget this pink-clothes collection of Lisa! From a big hot pink boots to an all-pink suit, from a pink t-shirt to a pink mini-dress, the Thai idol still rocks!


Stylists love to dress Lisa in these weirdly mixed or asymmetric designs.


No one can look good in a pair of lacy pink socks with tiny bows like this, except for Lisa.


Girly concepts still cannot do anything to Lisa. With a polka-dot red dress, she is like a real-life Barbie doll.



Okay but, what kinds of boots are theses?