Baekhyun Always Melts Fan's Hearts With Black Hair Era

Baekhyun  Always Melts Fan's Hearts With Black Hair Era

Do you Miss Baekhyun with Black Hair? Let’s Throw Back to that Era!

If you think about Byun Baekhyun, which part of him is the most representative? His eyeliner? Well, yeah, maybe. But what else other than his iconic eye makeup? Yeah, his hair is also attractive! Now, if we think about it, Baekhyun has already tried a lot of hairstyles and colors. He tried a mullet in the Ko Ko Bop era and has dyed his hair colors such as red, grey, blonde, pink, and purple. Baekhyun’s hair has been almost every color you can think of.


But do you miss Baekhyun with his natural black hair? Baekhyun in black hair is one of the most attractive versions of him. Some fans have gone so far as to say that seeing Baekhyun with black hair makes everyone die, of course, not literally.


Although Baekhyun likes to color his hair like many other idols, the black color seems to be a long-standing favorite among his fans.

Instead of just talking about his black hair, let’s take a look at some photos of Baekhyun with black hair.

EXO’s Baekhyun’s Black Hair Appreciation Post

It’s pretty common for members of K-pop groups to dye their hair to all sorts of colors any time their group released a single or promoting a new album. It could simply be because they want to attract more attention to their hair color. That’s part of the reason, Baekhyun also sometimes dyes his hair different colors whenever EXO make a comeback album or releases a single. Mixed in among the wild colors, though, are moments where Baekhyun dyed his hair back to its natural color.

Let’s see some photos of black-haired Baekhyun!


Even when he’s on stage, Baekhyun looks so fine and natural with black hair, don’t you agree?


EXO’s Baekhyun’s Photoshoot with Black Hair

After seeing several candid photos of Baekhyun with his black hair, how about looking at a gorgeous photoshoot?


Baekhyun totally looks cool and even more handsome with his black hair in that set of photos!

Baekhyun’s Instagram Feeds

We’ve looked at Baekhyun with black hair in candid photos. We also have seen the idol in some photoshoots with his natural hair. But what about seeing his selfies from when he has black hair? Let’s take a look at Baekhyun’s Instagram posts where he proudly shows his natural hair in selfies.

Even when you’re hiding it, we still can see your hair, Baekhyun!

Black hair + mullet = our weakness.

Baekhyun and Heechul both in black hair.

Baekhyun looks so tall in this photo but, most importantly, that black hair is lit!

After seeing all the posts of Baekhyun with his black hair, do you think that black suits his hair the best? Which hair color do you find the most attractive? Well whatever it is, let’s just keep on supporting Baekhyun and his group mates, EXO!