Bae Suzy shares her top 3 beauty tips to have flawless skin

Bae Suzy shares her top 3 beauty tips to have flawless skin

Bae Suzy, dubbed the "nation's first love" thanks to her pure beauty with a sunny smile that melt everyone's heart, is...

Bae Suzy, dubbed the "nation's first love" thanks to her pure beauty with a sunny smile that melt everyone's heart, is always on the list of the most beautiful women in Asia and represents the new generation of beauty goddesses voted by many magazines in South Korea.


Suzy is a familiar name, representative of many Korean fashion and cosmetics brands. Every time she appears on the cover of a magazine, her name climbs to the top of Naver. The questions asked most frequently on Suzy's Naver search are her make-up style, the outfit Suzy wears… And many people wonder about her beauty tips. On Instagram, Suzy often shows her bare face with flawless white skin, a V-line chin, a high nose bridge, big round eyes and natural pink lips. So, what is her secret to such a magnificent beauty?

Beauty Tip 1: Apply the 4-2-4 cleansing method with hot and cold water

Suzy's beauty tips always attract a lot of attention.

Cleansing is always an important step for Suzy in her skincare routine. She is an actress, singer, model… so she often has thick makeup which leaves almost no time for her skin to breathe. Therefore, removing makeup and cleansing are two of the indispensable factors in her three secret to beauty.

First, remove your makeup with a makeup remover (micellar water / oil / cream) and massage your face for 4 minutes. This is the standard time for mascara, eyeliner and foundation to dissolve and get washed away with the makeup remover. Suzy's methods are also very simple: She gently use two fingers to push the skin from her chin to her temples in order to narrow her face.

Then, wash your face with a facial cleanser and massage for 2 minutes. Makeup remover may wash away makeup, but not enough to cleanse your face. Washing your face with a cleanser again also makes sure you have completely removed the previous amount of makeup remover

Finally, rinse your with water for 4 minutes. Many girls often have the habit of rinsing their faces very quick. However, this does not guarantee that the water will wash away the foam of the cleanser. 4 minutes is enough for your skin to be hydrated and cleaned of all the leftover chemicals.

Beauty Tip 2: Moisturize and whiten the skin from inside your body

Bae Suzy always drink enough water

Suzy shared that she has fairly light skin, so she always focuses on moisturizing and whitening her skin from the inside. Moisturizing from the inside awakens your hidden beauty, so she always pays attention to drink enough water and regularly moisturize her face with mineral spray, cream or essence. Many times on her social account Suzy showed off her dressing table with many moisturizing products such as serums, ampoules, etc.

To own a flawless skin, Suzy also focuses on whitening, because a white skin without wrinkles and acne is the most beautiful skin. Many white-skinned people often skip the whitening step, but Suzy said she wants to take care of her skin even more, because to her, a white skin is the secret to natural beauty and confidence.

Beauty Tip 3: Mix essence with foundation to make the foundation look most natural

Bae Suzy wants the most natural foundation.

Suzy always appears in front of the public with an impressive makeup. Therefore, owning a fair skin is not only a plus but also the secret to the most natural foundation. The"nation's first love" once shared in a program that she mixes essence with foundation, CC creams or any other makeup foundation to make it look the most natural. That's why Suzy's foundation is always beautiful.

With just these 3 simple beauty secret, Bae Suzy has become the owner of the most beautiful bare face in K-Pop. Now, try these interesting beauty tips and see the result for yourself!