5 Female Idols Showed Off Their Beautiful Figure Just In Basic Blue Jeans and White Shirts

5 Female Idols Showed Off Their Beautiful Figure Just In Basic Blue Jeans and White Shirts

Blue jeans and a white shirt is the epitome of a simple outfit. While it is easy to appear plain wearing such a minimalistic outfit, these idols showed off their stunning visuals and figures with the look.

Here are seven female idols who rocked the basic blue jeans and white shirt look!

1. Girls' Generation Yoona

Yoona's beauty shines even in a simple white shirt and blue jeans. With her outfit, Yoona shows off her slim figure. This idol is known for her tiny ant waist, measuring at 22 inches! With her pint-sized waist and toned abdomen, Yoona boasts a figure worthy of a girl group center even with such minimalistic clothing.

2. Red Velvet Seulgi

Seulgi boasts a solid body line and perfectly flaunts it when she wears the blue jeans, white shirt outfit! The idol, who is one of the most well-known main dancers in the industry, is often envied by women for her stunning figure. She is an idol with a tiny ant waist and abs, showing how much she works out. Her figure paired with the simple outfit makes her look both cute and sexy.

3. TWICE Tzuyu

Tzuyu normally boasts a pure and cute charm, but when Tzuyu wore blue jeans and a white crop top for TWICE's "Heartshaker" promotions, she captured people's hearts with her stunning figure. The idol has a curvy, hourglass figure that many people aspire for. Tzuyu also has slightly thicker thighs than her other members, giving her a more mature look.

4. Apink Son Naeun

Apink's Son Naeun is known to have a classic, slender body. Though Naeun is known as the "Human Adidas", she proves that she looks good in anything - even a simple white shirt and blue jeans! Naeun's tiny waist measures at 21 inches and she has abs thanks to her diet and work-out routine. Even with such a simple look, Naeun flaunts a stunning body!


Jisoo may be the shortest member of BLACKPINK, you'll never be able to tell! For BLACKPINK's photoshoot with GUESS, Jisoo showed off her rock-hard abs and amazing proportions with a long-sleeved white crop top and blue jeans. The idol looked like she had legs for days, causing BLINKs everywhere to fall for her charms!