10 Photos Of EXO Sehun's Shoulder Width That Will Make You Swoon

10 Photos Of EXO Sehun's Shoulder Width That Will Make You Swoon

We could write an entire poem about his shoulders.

EXO maknae Sehun has received numerous nicknames from fans over the years, including "noona rich" and "maknae on top". However, as the years passed, fans began to notice a change in his physique, namely how wide his shoulders have grown! Here are 10 photos that will really promote the growth of the kids in the group!


This photo was previewed by his fansite


Although the fansite only released this shot as a grainy preview rather than a full HD publishing photo, fans flocked to the width of his shoulder from behind as he bent over. to prepare for the show.

Monitor this normal from one of their vlog.


In the backstage watching their tour footage, the star wore just a casual sweater, but his shoulders stood out even in loose fitting clothes.

Dance in the rain.


We were speechless at EXO's beautiful mid-concert performance. His physique was even more outstanding thanks to the wet shirt stuck to his body. The photo looks too good to be true!

Not wearing a shirt? Withering.


We're not entirely sure what was going on nor why he had to be bare in this particular performance but we don't complain. It looks like all of his hard work at the gym is paying off!

Oh nothing, just go for a walk.


Are we or Sehun's shoulders even wider when he wears a formal shirt? He keeps a casual style with a cap and neutral earth tone, but his plain clothes cannot hide his handsome looks.

Consistency is key.


We would also wear the same suits more often if it ensured that we would look as great as him in his signature fashion look of a tucked-in shirt with a full-color hat.

Put on the bomber jacket on stage.


Where zippered jackets often make people look less fit due to being too bulky, Sehun pulls it off perfectly due to his wide shoulders making his waist look thinner under the jacket. bulging.

Dress well but still quality.


Sehun, even with glasses and black clothes, can still look the perfect shot with the help of heavenly beauty and broader shoulders than the Pacific Ocean.

In this candid photo, get in a truck.


In one scene at the airport, Sehun can be seen getting on the truck. While his face is invisible, his body makes it unmistakable for him. His shoulders were as wide as the truck doors themselves.

In a simple kick on stage.


While we're pretty sure it's not a real muscle, Sehun's surprisingly toned body makes it look like a shirt that fits tightly against the skin. His definite arm and inverted triangle body is a feast for the eyes.